22 Not-So-Romantic Signs That You Have Found Your Soulmate!

By- Shreya Sharma

Finding your soulmate is like finding the missing half of your life. You just feel so complete and happy and even when you sit idle with them and not uttering even a single word. Their presence should make you feel warm, more than your heart racing. Holding their hands should feel like being in the right place rather than skipping a heartbeat. Here are 22 not-so-romantic signs that you have found your soulmate.

1. You enjoy doing boring regular things with them like buying grocery or doing chores.


2. You enjoy ordering food and eating on the couch rather than going out at a fancy restaurant.

3. You fall in love with them, even more, when you see them sleep with their mouth open.

4. With them, you can eat whatever you want to eat without worrying about how you look.

5. You are comfortable if they see you putting on your makeup.


6. You like each other when you both are dressed up. But your favorite outfit for them is sweatpants and old t-shirts.

7. You love their handwritten notes more than the expensive gifts they have ever given to you.

8. They call you out on the things you need to be called out. And same you do.

9. You are no more a PDA kind of couple because you have communication in public that is only shared by you two like making eye contact across the room.

10. They motivate you, but also refuse to pamper you.


11. You are comfortable talking and laughing about your body functions.

12. Sometimes your favorite part of going to parties is not meeting friends, but to get drunk together and act crazy.

13. You have developed your own relationship dictionary with the words and meanings that only two of you can understand.

14. You know each other so well that you will probably answer maximum questions correct about each other.

15. You have nicknames for each other and you like it this way only.


16. When they are sick, it does not gross you out because you are focused on taking care of them.

17. You can openly tell each other when you are annoying each other and can have a laugh about it.

18. You can chill out with them without worrying about having small talks to fill the void.

19. They buy you your favorite snacks when they are back to home instead of flowers and you are happy about it.

20. You can hang out with them in silence, even without feeling weird about it.


21. They can make you laugh in serious and inappropriate situations.

22. You would like to spend a lazy day with them rather than going out on a fancy date with someone else.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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