15 Signs He Is Totally A Boyfriend Material!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you just enter into a relationship, it is hard to figure out if your man is boyfriend material or not because you are wearing those rose colored glasses that makes everything look oh-so-perfectly-romantic. But before we enter into a relationship, it is important that we make our choice that really supports our needs. We should spend our time on someone we deserve because relationships are meant to make us feel happy. Here are 15 signs he is totally a boyfriend material.

  1. You do not have to doubt his feelings

If a guy is confused about his feelings or cannot openly tell you about how he feels for you, then he is not boyfriend material. Your man should be sure that he likes you and does not want anyone to come in between you two. His feelings for you will be obvious to everyone.


  1. Your fights are productive

No shouting out of anger, no name calling or no silent treatment. He knows the reason for his anger and knows that his words might hurt you. He communicates his feelings in a productive manner and encourages a two-way communication rather than playing blame games. He is ready to compromise and forgive things rather than holding grudges.

  1. He talks about the things that freak him out

A guy is boyfriend material if he expresses his fears to you and works through it so that he does not end up pushing you away or hurting you. He will know about the real dangers and will talk to you about them so that you know where things are coming from.

  1. He is ready for an exclusive relationship

If a guy does not want anything serious from the relationship, then he is not boyfriend material for you especially if you want a serious relationship. If he is unwilling to talk about the future or take things into committed and monogamous relationship, he is not the one who deserves your efforts. If you are his priority and he manages his time to see you because he wants to be with you, then your man is a BF material.


  1. He introduces you to his friends

When a guy is serious about you, he will be willing to introduce you to his friends. He might be slow and cautious in the initial times because he wants to have a control over things, to know you first, to be sure about you first, but once he is, he will let go. If it’s been years that you are together but your man has never introduced you to his friends and has kept you as a deep secret then sure something is really fishy.

  1. He knows what he wants from life

Your man is boyfriend material if he knows what he wants out of his life and relationship. When he knows the kind of girl he wants in his life, he will look for those traits in you and if it matches, he will never let you go. He will strive hard to achieve his goals and hold on to the people who will support him.

  1. He is a great lover

He is a compatible lover and you share an intimate relationship. He should be happy with you and should put his efforts to make you happy too. He should make you feel respected and honored and satisfied, both within the bedroom and outside. He should understand your needs and communicate about his needs.


  1. He is ready to compromise

A guy is boyfriend material if he is willing to make certain compromises just to be with you and get close to you. No one is perfect, so to make a relationship work, a little of compromises here and there are important. If a guy blames you for disturbing his life, then he is not a boyfriend material.

  1. He expects you to put in efforts as well

The way you cannot deal with certain things, the same way your man too cannot. So, he will ask you to be your authentic self. Your previous boyfriends might not have come up with their requirements because they were not serious enough to ask for it, but this man is serious about you.

  1. Your love language is same

We all have a certain way to express our love or we like to be loved in the same manner. If you both have different love language then you both might be in immense love, but not communicating it in the manner that the other person understands. For some, it could be through physical affection, for some through words, for some through service, for some through service or for some through words. If your man understands your language of love and tries to speak the same, then that means a lot.


  1. He does not run away during tough times

A guy is boyfriend material if he stays with you even in difficult times. He will work through it even if he is scared just to protect and safeguard you. He does not run away during bad times and this makes you trust him and let your guards down.

  1. You can spend hours together

You should be able to spend quality time together without talking about things. If after a few hours you feel pissed off with the guy you are with, then he is not the one. If you want a serious relationship, you should be able to spend hours with this guy even if there is pin drop silence. This silence too should make you feel warm and comfortable.

  1. You can talk for hours

He is boyfriend material if he is your best friend. You can talk about important things and not-so-important things in lengths. If the silence makes you feel awkward rather than comfortable then it can make things difficult for you. You should be able to chat for hours.


  1. You both feel comfortable with each other

When we’re really paying attention to our intuitions we can usually tell who makes us uncomfortable in cute ways and who makes us just downright uncomfortable in general. Relationships certainly take work but they should be at their core super fun and exciting. The guys who are boyfriend material will make you feel comfortable.

  1. He makes cute little gestures

Your man is boyfriend material if he pays attention to you and does small thoughtful things for you for no reason at all. These little things show that he really thinks of you. He will bring up your favorite candy for you or he will bring up your favorite food for you. This shows that he cares for you.


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