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15 Surprising Moves Men Love In Bed!

By- Shreya Sharma

Men usually do not share what they like and want and hide their emotion. Especially when it’s something related to their sexual like or personal life, they do not disclose much of it. This makes it hard for us to understand as to how to please them. We all try different things to spice up things in the bedroom and satisfy our man. We read blogs and magazines and search on Internet to know how to please our man and everywhere we find old same things. Here are 15 surprising moves men love in bed. You will be hot, sexy and confident when you will come up with these unexpected moved man loves in bed.

  1. Allow him to take control

We all know guys want us to take the lead and control and show our sex skills to them to give them pleasure. But not always! Tell him to show you what he has got and use his sex skills on you. He will be turned on by the challenge and will make sure to get you to the finish.


  1. Long lasting foreplay

Foreplay is the important part of sex, but what you do with it makes it the hottest. You can start building in the tension and anticipation from the start of the day. You can send him naughty texts to get him high. If you are in for an oral sex; touch every part of his body except for his manhood, this teasing will make him crazy. Take time to lead him to the main action and he will be surprised.

  1. Move your fingers

There are several spots on a man’s body which ones touched can take him to another level of pleasure. His prostrate is his G-spot. Rest two fingers between the testicles and anus and lightly allows pressure on them; this will make him explode with pleasure.

  1. Dessert play

Involve chocolate syrup, whipped cream, honey etc. in your sex. Most of the guys have the fantasy to bring in food into the bedroom. Show up with some whipped cream, and go crazy with one another’s body.


  1. Talk dirty

Just let go yourself; tell him what you like, compliment him and shout your dirtiest thoughts. Do not be afraid and relax your inner sex goddess, your man will love it.

  1. Touch your body

Men are turned on by the fact that you can pleasure yourself on your own. They related this with porn and it always turns them on. It is like making their digital fantasy come true.

  1. Add toys

Bring up handcuffs, chains, blindfolds and whips if you are comfortable. Do not think this will scare him off; he might totally love this move of yours in bed. Try like trying new things in bed and your confidence to do these things will drive him crazy.


  1. Do not over-do things

You need no to go for complicated things always. You can just catch him by his collar after work and drag him into the bedroom and can have a simple sex. This will be un-expected for him.

  1. Watch porn together

Men love watching porn, so know what he is watching so that you can pull some of the moves on him. Ask your man to watch porn with you. This will be unexpected and a turn on for you both.

  1. Play with locations

Sex is not to be done in bedroom always, so switch up the location. This will be one unexpected move. Try it in the living room, couch, balcony, kitchen, shower or any other place.


  1. Tell him about what you want

Take control and let your guy know what you want. Be confident and demand what you want. Guide your man about it or grab his hand and guide him to the place you want to be touched.

  1. Initiate

If you have never done this, then be the one to make the first move and he will love the unexpectedness. Lean over him and give him one tight passionate long kiss, run your fingers on his thighs and he will catch the clue.

  1. Put a strip show for him

Make your boyfriend sit on a chair and do a little striptease for him. This will build the anticipation in him and he will be all hot and high. Do not let him touch you or know what you are going to do next. This will be a fun surprise for him.


  1. Get a little wild

Guys like when things get rough and wild but do not ask for it. Start out slow with a scratch here and there and see how he reacts, if he likes it, you can go further.

  1. Surprise him

Surprise your man by waiting for him in the bed when he is back from work or leads him to the bed with being draped in a sheet.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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