20 Ways You Can Restart The Convo With Your Crush!

By- Shreya Sharma

Texting is the instant way to feel connected with your partner as and when you want. The person might be busy to pick up the call and have a whole long hour conversation, but through text, you do not need much of time. It is a fun way to flirt and easy way to start the conversation with someone you love. Here are 20 ways you can restart the convo with your crush.

  1. “Guess what just happened with me today?”

This will sure induce him to text you back and then you can take the conversation further.


  1. “If you had just 1 day left in your life, how would you spend it?”

This will help you know him better.

  1. “What are you doing right now, apart from thinking about me?”

This can be a great conversation starter.

  1. “Hey, you crossed my mind, so I thought I would say ‘hi’

This is sweet and simple and a nice way to start the conversation.

  1. “I loved the jacket you were wearing today”

Compliment him and he will text you back for sure.


  1. “I was trying to focus on work, but you kept wandering in my mind”

Show him you cannot stop thinking about him.

  1. “What are your lunch plans? Can I join you?”

This can lead to a casual meeting.

  1. “I felt something missing as I woke up, so I texted you”

A great way to start your morning.

  1. “Hey, stop thinking about me”

This is a way to start flirting.

  1. “Read this, but try not to think about me”

This will get him think about you.


  1. “Need another”

If you had a coffee date with someone, then you can ask them for more.

  1. “How was the food? Should I order from there?”

This will lead to a long elaborated conversation.

  1. “You have a lovely pet, what breed is it?”

If you know they have a pet, so have posted the picture with the pet, then you can start the conversation.

  1. “I wanted to send you something nice to make you smile”

And then you can say that it was hard for you to courier yourself to his address.

  1. “Hey you sing really well, can I hear you again?”

This can lead to a phone conversation or voice messages.


  1. “I bet I have better weekend plans than you”

And you can plan a weekend together.

  1. “I am lying in my bed and being bored, should we play something?”

This can lead to some crazy flirting session.

  1. “Out of all the names I know, yours is my favorite”

Guys love to hear their complete name.

  1. “*add a song* I was listening to this song, and it reminded me of you”

And there you are starting your conversation.

  1. “Let’s play some game, what about *game name*?”

You will get to know him more.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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