10 Alarming Signs Of Depression (And How To Eliminate It)!

By- Shreya Sharma

If you have trouble doing normal day-to-day activities and feel that life is not worth living, then you might be experiencing depression. You cannot move, eat or sleep and there is no motivation in your life that pushes you to keep going. When you are not treated for depression, it can affect how you feel, think and behave which can lead to the emotional, physical and mental problem. Here are 10 alarming signs of depression and how to eliminate it.

10 Alarming Signs Of Depression

  1. Sleeping too much or too less.
  2. Interest in death and suicide.
  3. Poor nutrition.
  4. No interest in life.
  5. Decreased or lack of energy.
  6. Constant feeling of sadness.
  7. Feeling hopeless and helpless.
  8. Crying all the time.
  9. Difficulty concentrating or making the decision.
  10. Aches and pains do not get better with treatment.

These all signs may not occur at once. The occurrence may fluctuate.

 How To Eliminate Depression

  1. Try new things

Get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Take classes, go on the marathon, and eat at a new restaurant. Do anything new and crazy. When you do new things, your dopamine level alters and you feel pleasure.


  1. Daily schedule

Create a daily schedule as it gives you control over your life. And you have to stick to it. When your routine starts irritating you, change your routine.

  1. Change your diet

You can feel lazy and emotional when you do not have a balanced diet. Toss out the junk food from your refrigerator or cupboard. Stock up whole grains, fruits, healthy fats & proteins, vegetables and all the things that your doctor recommends.

  1. Exercise

Working out is good for your mind, body, and soul. Join a gym and workout with your trainer who will create a workout routine for your body.


  1. Challenge your negative thoughts

Challenge your negative thought process. Question your negative thought before accepting it as truth. If you feel worthless, ask yourself how do you know? If someone has said that, ask how they know about it; it could be that they have issues with themselves that they passed onto you.

  1. Have some fun

Bring out your inner kid and let it play. Think about your childhood and the things you used to do for fun. Go to the park and swing on swings. Go to a festival. Try to have some fun even when you do not feel like having fun.

  1. Seek help from your doctor or counselor

Admit that you need help and speak with your doctor and/or a counselor. Do not allow “shame” to hold you back. You have nothing to be ashamed about. Depression affects millions of people each year and is treatable. But you must be willing to ask and accept help.


Source – Tumblr

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