5 Ways You Can Make-Out Like A $EX Goddess!

By- Shreya Sharma

To make out comes naturally. It is instinctive and just happens. First you are nervous but then when it comes to kissing and taking clothes off, you feel like a pro. You might feel awkward but you can use any of these tips to make out like a goddess. If you are a first timer, here are the ways you can make out like a sex goddess.

  1. Men LOVE to be touched *wink*

Show off your skills of touch. Any guy would love it when a girl wraps her arm around his neck while kissing him. Slide your hands over his chest and his arms; it will reveal your wild side.

  1. Tease him, Taunt him and he will love you for it

Kiss him slow and long and then just pull away. Smile mischievously and tease him. Back away when you are almost about to kiss him, nibble his ear or kiss his cheek or neck instead.

  1. Lead your way passionately

It is obvious that majorly guys dominate but do not let it happen this time. In the heat of the moment, things happen gradually, try to dominate him passionately by running your fingers over him.


You have kissed him, teased him and dominated him, now it’s time to flaunt. Instead of covering up your cleavage or your never long legs, flaunt it. Be proud of your body and flaunt it to get him turned on.

  1. Get him WET with your hands

Take his hands and run it along your body a few times. He will understand and continue doing that even when you stop guiding him. With those heavy breathes, slide your hand over his thighs and go close to his manhood without really touching it. This will make him weak in his knees.

Source –  Tumblr

Skadoosh Guys!

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