11 Truths On How Girls Get Ready For Date (The Guys will never know)!

By- Shreya Sharma

We share a love-hate relationship with grooming. Sometimes we love to groom our self and other times we are too lazy to put in efforts to beautify us. Grooming comes at a cost of physical pain, mental torture and a big dent on our pocket. But we all have to groom our self because of the standards set by patriarch society and then by those flawless looking models. Here are truths on how girls get ready for the date.

  1. Disney princesses stereotypes

When we were kids we have seen how Disney princesses used to groom themselves and how their prince charming got them. We were so enticed that this became an expectation. We learned to have that flawless hair and coral red lips.


  1. Transformation

From girlhood to adulthood, we learned to transform our self; we learned all those techniques that make us more acceptable and beautiful for the society. That is the only reason why we look different in the morning as compared to night and guys look the same throughout.

  1. Reality

Our hair is nowhere like those shown in movies. We do not have those shiny, super straight, voluminous hairs. When we wake up in the morning it is more like a birds nest and we have to figure out as to how to tame them. It takes a whole lot of time and efforts to get them in shape.

  1. Shower

We step into the shower, we scrub, scrape, exfoliate, shave, use body wash, feminine wash, face mask, hair mask, shampoo, conditioner etc. which is all so much pain just to have super soft, silky skin. We make sure our body smell like flowers and lavenders.


  1. To get in perfect shape

It does not matter what size our waist is, we try to make it look smaller. We have those pair of undergarments that squeeze our body into perfect smooth and slim shape.

  1. Nothing to wear

Though we have a closet full of clothes, still we feel like we have nothing to wear especially before any important event. We have too many options and we have less time to decide or we have options but not the waistline to flaunt at a date. We try different combinations of clothes and dresses to look our best and that makes us feel comfortable because you know we have to match the bra with the dress and every other thing.

  1. Hair tricks

Since we have tried so many outfits to fit in one that is more appealing, we have turned our hair into a fizz store and we need to tame them. Our hair needs a lot of efforts to look effortless. It takes so much of things like deciding on to the type of hairstyle, the process to go natural way or use heat and chemicals and everything is tiring and muscle exercise.


  1. Hairspray

Since we had that long hour cleaning our hair, they are clean to hell that they do not hold any style and there comes our hair spray as help. Naturally, we need roughly half a bottle of spray for it to keep those natural waves we have just painstakingly constructed. The goal here is to achieve ‘Romantic Hair.’ It makes us look low maintenance.

  1. The burning smell

And since our natural curls are not on a hold, we have to use heat on our hair. Since we have applied hair spray, this could be hazardous. We better not get distracted when our hair is wrapped in those hot iron rods because we can have some disastrous results.

  1. A precap

Now that we’re ready to go, let’s do a little recap on the processes of the evolution of woman pre-date prep to post-date prep. We’ve plucked, shaved, tweezed, waxed, and shaped ourselves into something that we are not. We hope they do not get to know our transformation skills because they would probably be terrified.


  1. Red carpet ready

We arrive at our date with our red carpet ready look and we are too proud of what we have carved our self into that we do not miss a chance to catch our reflection on mirrors, knives and every other thing. We do not forget to take a selfie and post it on Instagram.

Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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