17 Things Guys Will Only Do If They Are CRAZY About You!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all want someone who is crazily in love with us. Just like the ones shown in movies and TV shows, but the thing are, not every man can book the island or movie theater to show his love for you. Mostly man shows their love with actions and gestures even more than words which we tend to ignore. We take their actions to be the normal and routine activity which in real tells a lot about how they feel for us. Here are 17 things the guy will only do if they are crazy about you.

  1. Defends you

Guys do not like indulging in things that are not worth any fuss. But if a guy truly loves you, he will defend you passionately. He cannot stand someone not appreciating you because you are special for him.


  1. Holds your purse

No man likes to hold a girl’s purse because this is not one manly thing. But if a guy is crazily in love with you, he will be happy to hold your purse. If someone holds your purse at any occasion, understand that they are overly in love with you.

  1. Buy you pads or tampons

He may not like buying you feminine products because what if his friends caught him. But if he is dedicated to you, he will be brave enough to get you feminine products because he loves you.

  1. Visits you at your workplace

Men usually do not like visiting their girl’s workplace because they do not want your coworkers to observe him. But if a guy is crazy about you, he will not mind showing up at your workplace.


  1. Let’s you watch your shows or movies

If he is missing his favorite shows so that you can watch your favorite show, then it shows that he loves you like crazy. Men do not generally leave their shows until it is something urgent.

  1. Support you through hard times

If your man stands by your side even through the hard times, then he is the one who loves you deep. He might use it as an excuse to call things off, but he preferred to stick by you and put efforts to make you feel happy and secure. You are lucky.

  1. Take care of you when you are sick

If you are sick and you guy is there by your side, bringing you juice, soup, and medicines, and then you have hit the jackpot. He could have said that he is sorry that you are sick or may send you a ‘get well soon’ text, but he loves you so much to be there for you.


  1. Try your fitness regime

If you are into fitness and your guy tries spinning classes or yoga because you are into it, then he is madly in love with you.

  1. Let’s you fight with him

When your man loves you, he will let you fight with him and bare it all, and even may let you win. He just not wishes to lose you over an argument.

  1. Watch Rom Coms with you

Men are not that much into rom coms but if your man watches them with you because you ask him, then he is into you. It shows you are important to him.


  1. He may go into debt

No, not because of his habit but because he cannot say no to you for the things you want to buy. You need to be careful.

  1. He will do the dirty chores

He will do everything for you because he loves you mad; be it taking out the trash or unclogging the basin.

  1. He lets you dress him

He allows you to dress him up and dress him down and will wear the shirt that you love him the most.


  1. Relocate his place

If you live with your family in some different city, he will not mind relocating himself to come and live with you.

  1. Drive you to places

You can drive, but that does not mean you are going to drive all time. He will love to drive you to places; be it taking you to the doctor or the supermarket.

  1. Takes care of your bestie

Even if you are not with your friend, if he finds out that your besties are sad, he will help her and take care of her.

  1. He shows his vulnerable side to you

You will be the only person he will ever ask for help from. He can show his vulnerable side and you should be happy that he loves you enough to be vulnerable with you without feeling embarrassed.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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