11 Signs That You Are Falling For The Wrong Guy!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you like someone, you hope that the other person feels the same for you. But we always wonder if the person we like wants a serious relationship with us or not or just want a simple connection with us. You got to notice is actions and the way he behaves when he is with you and with other people to know if he is the right one for you and wants a serious relationship with you. Once you know the signs it will be easy for you to identify and move on. Here are 11 signs that you are falling for the wrong guy.

1. He does not ever have time to text you back, and if he texts back, he communicates slowly.


2. He is always ready with excuses as to why he cannot spend time with you.

 3. You have to do a search to know what he is up to or who he is with.

4. You never have deep conversations; he neither talks about himself or his life nor asks about you and your life on a deeper level.


5. His texts are ambiguous and make you nervous. You are often left thinking ‘what does this mean?’ ‘Is he trying to flirt or being witty?’

6. He never commits to plans. For him, it is hard to plan a date a week in advance.

7. He is more into his friend. It is good that he is a loyal friend but his friends are always his top priority.


8 .You just spend the time to enjoy the latest Netflix series. This is cool but this should not be the only thing you are doing together.

9. He does not like it when you leave your stuff at his place. He either gives it back to you or hides it which can even make you doubt him.

10. He is the way to close with his ex. They are not just friends, but they have constant communication and meet often which makes you cringe.

11. You get out together only for drinks. Because a nice dinner and drinks will cost him more and he will have to spend more time with you, so he keeps it to drinks only.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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