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11 Things On Mental Checklist Women Use To Evaluate MEN They Date!

By- Shreya Sharma

When we get into a relationship or go on a date, we are pretty much excited and flustered and just dive into whatever meets our eyes. Sometimes, we are so involved into his looks that we forget about the other qualities we are looking for. We forget our beliefs and core values and that is why we need a mental checklist so that we stick to the reality rather than being lost in the dream world. Here are 11 things on the mental checklist that women use to evaluate men they date.

  1. Physical attractiveness

You need to think if he is cute for you or not. If he is not, you might drop him or you can stay if he has other great qualities in him. Physical attraction is very important because your intellectual attraction will not make you want to get naked with him.


  1. If you can have a real conversation

He can be hot, has a great job, a few of your hobbies too match, but if you cannot have a real meaningful conversation, then it is not good for your future.

  1. If he complements you

It is about how well you gel up. If you cannot cook, so you should know if he is good at it. Make sure your qualities are similar so that you do not end up clashing.

  1. If he is supportive

The guy, who is perfect for you, should be supportive of your every dream and wish. He should support us even if we have an outlandish dream. Supporting each other is important in any relationship.


  1. Being ambitious

We want a man, who works hard for the things he wants. It shows that he will put in his efforts in the relationship too. We want an ambitious man.

  1. Reliable?

We all want a reliable man, someone who will be there and will not disappoint us. His reliable nature will create trust in our relationship, and that is important in any relationship.

  1. His honesty level

If the person is not honest, the things will fall apart in your relationship. We want our man to be honest and truthful when we ask them something.


  1. His family plans

If you want kids, and he does not want kids ever in his life, then you should know about it because this way, things will not work out.

  1. Beliefs

This can be your faith, religion or anything. If you have different views or beliefs about what is right and wrong, it can bring problems in your relationship. You can even have issues raising your child.

  1. If I pass away giving birth to our child, would he raise our child the way I would?

It may seem silly but in the end, when you date someone, you’re looking to build a family with them—to trust them with everything. So, it is important to know.

  1. Future goals

We cannot predict future, but we can at least think about what we want in future. We do not want to be with someone whose future plans are completely different than ours.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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