10 Super Sexy Questions To Ask Your Man!

By- Shreya Sharma

If you are in a mood to get a naughty sexy conversation with your man, but your man is not around or even around, even then you can turn him on. Not only your body and hands and expressions work to turn your man on, certain questions too can turn your man hot and heavy. Ask your man sexy questions to turn him on and want to have you. These will work wonder to make your conversation a little sexier. Here are 10 super sexy questions to ask your man.

  1. “What do you think about your kissing technique?

If you have kissed him, you can even compliment him on his kissing technique. Tell him how great a kisser he is.


  1. “What do you love the most in a girl’s body?”

This will help you the next time you meet them. If he finds your legs sexy, then you know you can show off your legs to turn him on the next time you meet.

  1. “Do you check me out when I walk away?”

This is one flirty way to know if he notices you and is attracted towards you.

  1. “According to you, what is the idea of great foreplay?”

He will sure get hot, high and panting while answering this question.


  1. “What are you wearing right now?”

You might have usually heard the man asking this question but why should boys have all the fun?

  1. “How long will it take for you to get here?”

Make sure you are okay if he comes to you. If you ask this, he might actually come over and he might be eager to get you.

  1. “What would you do to me, if I was with you right now?”

This is the way you can start a dirty conversation.


  1. “What do you wear when you go to bed?”

You might be surprised with his answer and it can even lead to an exciting conversation.

  1. “Have you ever had skinny dipped?”

It can lead to a fun conversation. If he says yes, you can ask for details and if he says no, you can offer this.

  1. “What a girl should wear to turn you on?”

Talk in detail about the color, shirt cut, and every other thing. You will know what to wear when trying to impress him.


Source –  Tumblr

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