17 Typical Couple Things You Should Do With Your Man!

By- Shreya Sharma

We usually roll our eyes watching couple holding hands at the mall or doing PDA or while watching a typical cliché scene in rom-com. We swear not to do all these things once we find our man. But at the end, we all are guilty of doing such things. When we have our man, we want to do all those mushy things with them we once used to laugh at. We all admit doing some cliché things with our man that actually make others roll their eyes. Here are 17 typical couple things you should do with your man.

  1. Go on picnic

Pack your picnic basket and spend time with your man on an empty spot in the park.


  1. Play games at events

Play those little kid games with your man and see if he can win you a stuffed animal.

  1. Feed each other food

While sitting together in the restaurant, lean over and feed your man some food from your table.

  1. Kiss in the rain

This is one of the most romantic clichés you can do with your man. Though it will mess your hair and makeup but you will have a sweet memory.


  1. Baby talk

Talk with your man like you would talk to your babies.

  1. Couple outfits

Match your t-shirt, backpack, socks or any other piece of clothing.

  1. Nick names

People might roll eyes when you call your man with strange names, but who cares as long as it makes you happy.


  1. Ride a giant wheel

Hold your hands while being on the ride, kiss when your rise is on top and take a selfie. Have the adrenaline rush that you will associate with each other.

  1. Watch Disney movies

Wear your pajamas and pick a movie that you loved as a kid and watch it together.

  1. Walk on beach

Have a romantic novel scene and watch barefoot on the sand holding your man’s hand.


  1. Have ice cream together

Buy two cones of ice cream and taste test each other’s dessert.

  1. Horse riding

Go on a horse ride. You can either ride the horse together while holding his waist or you can ride side by side.

  1. Cook together

You need not make an elaborated dinner together. Cook the simplest of thing of thing while having some fun and romance.


  1. Ice skating

You can have your movie moment by ice skating together. And he will be there to hold you when you fall.

  1. Promise ring

Wear rings and show the world how serious you are about each other.

  1. Blanket fort

Grab your pillows and blankets and set up your blanket fort where you can spend some quality time.

  1. Couple selfie

Take photos for everything you two do together and have your memories cherished forever.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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