13 Benefits Of Honey Can Transform Your Whole Body!

By- Shreya Sharma

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This liquid gold is age old savor of life. It is used as ayurvedic medicine and has one too many benefits. Women’s are more aware of their looks and they always want to be in shape. Here are some major benefits of Honey that can help you transform your whole body.

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  1. For Stronger Immunity System

Honey is enriched with lots of minerals and vitamins. Add 1 spoon honey into 1 glass of water and add some drops of lemon juice to it. This solution will help you stronger your immunity system.

  1. For Clean and Fair Skin

It makes your skin more clean and fairer. Apply a layer of honey on your skin and leave it for a night. Wash it the next morning with mildly warm water. It helps in nourishing and moisturizing your skin. Repeat it after a regular interval.

  1. To Reduce Weight

It is the best remedy to reduce weight. Along with making your immunity system stronger, it helps the beginners in losing weight. You have to add honey and lemon juice into the mild water to get started. It is like one solution, two benefits kind of thing.

  1. For Digestion

In this modern lifestyle, we all face indigestion problems due to odd eating habits. Try one spoon honey before dinner; It will reduce gastric problems and also clears the passage in the intestine.

  1. For Heart Disease and Cancer

It reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancer. Add a pinch of cinnamon into raw honey, mix it well. It reduces the level of cholesterol in blood up to 10% and also has beneficial impact on RBC (Red blood cells) count in the blood.

  1. Instant Energy Booster

We face weakness every now and then but we cannot stop in this fast paced world. Try a tablespoon of honey with sprinkle water. This will instantly boost your energy level.

  1. For Wounds and Burns

It helps to heal wounds and burns as it has antifungal and anti-bacterial traits. Honeybees inject as the enzyme in honey that makes hydrogen peroxide which makes it anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

  1. Increases Athletic Performance

Honey is superior in improving recovery time and sustaining glycogen level than other sweeteners, enhancing the performance of athletes.

  1. Reduce Throat Irritation and Cough

This is one simple yet beneficial home remedy. Add ginger to some mild warm honey and consume it to get rid of throat irritation and cough.

  1. Balances 5 Elements of Your Body

Honey is being used in ayurvedic medicines as it helps in balancing 5 elements of the body. It is useful for weight loss, improving eyesight, curing impotence, premature ejaculation, bronchial asthma, urinary tract disorders, nausea, and diarrhea. Due to the quality of penetrating the innermost tissues of the body Honey is referred as “Yogavahi”.

  1. Blood Sugar Regulation

As honey has the proportionate combination of glucose and fructose, it helps the body to circulate blood sugar levels.

  1. To Help Reduce Hairfall

Massage with the mix of honey and egg yolk is quite beneficial in the management of hair loss. Slow massage of the scalp portion stimulates blood circulation and helps in re-growth of hair.

  1. For Blackhead Removal

Honey helps remove blackheads. To know how to read this: 5 Ways To Remove Blackheads Within Minutes!!

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