8 Struggles Girls Who Carry Big Purses Will Understand!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being a big purse person is not that big an issue. You are just one freak who likes to carry every possible thing with her in her bag, and of course, why not, how can you miss on your umbrella, family-size bottle of moisturizer, slippers, food, clothes, your wall painting and so on. Everything is important and you never know, what comes handy and when. Struggles girls who carry big purses will understand.

  1. Phone lost horror

Because you put it somewhere in your bag and forget the exact location of its placement and then comes the mini heart-attack, when you feel that your phone is lost.

  1. Your friends want to know what’s there in your Santa Claus bag for them

The way we all have seen in our childhood that Santa uncle used to search in his bag and present gifts to kids. Same way, you are asked about what you hold in your bag for them.

  1. Even you forget what you carry in your purse

You yourself do not know what you have in your bag which is covered up with layers of stuff. It is only when you plan to clean your bag that you get to know, you even had banana chips in your bag or your long lost eyeliner.

  1. It is hard to find the little things

It is much like a task for you to find out those tiny-whiny, little things like your nail filer, hair tie, bobby pins, pen drives from your oh-so-big-bag.

  1. You keep purse inside purse to keep things organized

You will keep n-number of little purses inside your big purse to keep things organized but end up forgetting which purse carries what and again the search process continues.

  1. People are constantly surprised by what you pull out of it

She- I wish I could get a wall clock like this.

You- Wait, I have that in my bag, let me find it.

She *shocked* but your bag does not fail to rock again.

  1. You have to dump your purse every once in a while

Because the search mission intensifies so much, that you are left with no other option than dumping things out of your bag to get the required thing.

  1. Your shoulder aches

All that *much-needed* stuff of course weighs a lot. But carrying everything is more important for you. Your shoulder is strong enough to bear the pain of hanging the purse with everything-so-important.

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