12 Things Women Who Don’t Wear Makeup Will Understand!

By- Shreya Sharma

Makeup is said to be the best friend of every girl, but not really! There are many of us who prefer to stay away from all the makeup things. They find it hard to understand what actually contouring and highlighting is, or how to apply them. Well! Even I am bad with this. There are many who strongly support no makeup look, or go for a little basic makeup. And they actually have to go with a lot because they have to always answer some strangely stupid questions. Here are 12 things women who do not wear makeup will understand.

  1. “Do not you know how to put makeup? That is so sad”

I can easily learn it from my friends, mother or YouTube tutorial but I chose not to. This is not something too grand that I should crave to learn.


  1. “You will look pretty with a little makeup”

This is an insult in disguise. Do not I look pretty now? I love my natural self, and you better start loving this too.

  1. “A little eye makeup can highlight your eyes”

No thanks, I am happy with the way my eyes look.

  1. “It will enhance your natural beauty”

I love my natural beauty and I do not feel the need to enhance it by spending tons of money.


  1. “I cannot live without my kajal. I do not know how you do it?

Because that is not oxygen and I need oxygen to live my life, not this kajal or hairbrush or any other thing!

  1. ‘It will make you look nice, your man will love it”

My boyfriend likes me for the way I looked and he loves the fact that I do not wear makeup. I am low-maintenance and he loves the fact. He finds me beautiful even without makeup.

  1. “Why do not you use it?”

Because I do not want to, as simple as that!


  1. “Let me help you with makeup, it will look natural only”

If it will look natural then what is even the point of these efforts? It will just harm my pillow and my face.

  1. “Is it some sort of statement?”

We all know how women are being controlled by makeup industry. We should love our natural beauty and should not be told how to look beautiful.

  1. “What will you do once you get married?”

I do not want to surprise my man with my alternate look. I will be okay with a little kajal. After all, I will not get married to have makeup done.


  1. “Do you think I am being slaved to my makeup?”

No. I never meant that. You like makeup and that is fine and your choice.

  1. “What if your daughter wants to learn makeup?”

I would be happy if she wants to learn the makeup techniques. She can learn it from her friends or Internet and even I will help her with a little knowledge that I have.  


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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