12 Stupid Things That Make Men Lose Interest In Women!

By- Shreya Sharma

Attracting a guy is easy. Looks of a girl are enough to get a guy interested in talking with you. But keeping a guy attracted to you can be harder because that is when they actually start knowing you and your personality. And no, there is no benefit of pretending to be someone else just to attract him because eventually, he will get to know. Not only pretending, but there are other things as well that you should not do. Here are 12 stupid things that make men lose interest in women.

  1. Talking in baby voice

Guys cringe when they hear a girl talking in a baby’s voice. You may find it cute, but for guys, it is painful, annoying and creepy.


  1. Acting dumb

It is like you are boosting the ego of a man who is so insecure that he cannot handle your true self. And acting dumb in front of a smart man will make him lose his interest in you.

  1. Tantrums

You may think that pouting and stomping your feet angrily is cute. Guys hate it when you act like a woman-child. It makes you look immature.

  1. Duckface

Your duckface pictures can look cute on Instagram but not with your man. A guy will pick up on it if you keep on rehearsing that face. Guys want someone who appears more genuine.


  1. Not putting your opinion

Most girls assume that guys do not like the girls who have opinions. But guys will actually love to have a bossy girl in their life. They want their partner to have the spine.

  1. Playing hard to get

A guy usually stops texting a girl when they feel she is too unavailable. They want someone who has her life and makes time for them. Acting unavailable will annoy the guy and he will run away.

  1. Saying ‘I am fine’ when you are angry

Guys cannot read your mind. They will never know the reason for you being angry until and unless you tell them.


  1. Bitching about other girls

For you, this can be a way to show that you are better than others. For guys, the mean, manipulative and insecure behavior is a turn-off.

  1. Being a ‘woo girl’

These are those who get drunk to the limit that they cannot handle it. They are a loud mess, shouting here and there. And guys do not like this behavior at all.

  1. Talking about how evil men are

Sometimes man hurt a girl to a point that she starts seeing men as an enemy. But if you are trying to attract a man, do not start ranting about how mean and worthless men are.


  1. Pretending to be someone else

People pretend to be someone they are not just to be with someone. But eventually your partner will get to know and they will be horrified and hurt.

  1. Being a hot mess

Nobody wants to be with a partner that will embarrass them or potentially call them up to bail them out of jail. If you act like a hot mess, you will make men run away faster.


Source – GiphyTumblr

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