10 Signs He Is A *Terrible* Boyfriend.. Break Up Right Away!

By- Shreya Sharma

Do you know your boyfriend can be a terrible one? You might not understand it now and ignore the traits and red flags, but you got to open up your eyes. If your relationship is turning into something that was not into your plan, you need be careful girl. Here are 10 signs he is a terrible boyfriend, it is better to break up right away.

  1. You feel insecure

Do you expect him to say at least something to you, even if it is commenting about your personality? If he does not make you feel special or call your pretty or funny and he lacks feedback, this is sure to make you feel insecure if he likes you or not.


  1. No value to sex

If your man in uninterested between the sheets, then he is a terrible boyfriend. There is no excitement and exploration and you are working in the same old position and you are not even reaching the climax.

  1. Does not ask about your life

If you ever talk, he only talks about how his life his, his work, his family and everything is all about him. And by the time he is done talking about himself, he is tired of talking about your life.

  1. Does not introduce you to his family

You have not met his family, and if you have ever then that is either because of some mutual link or some accident. You might have even asked him to take you home, but he has never entertained your thought.


  1. No real date

You usually hang out at his place and it includes food and Netflix. You are comfortable with the casual night in, but sometimes you deserve to have the real romantic date. But that never happens.

  1. Does not want you around his friends

He hangs out with his friends, but he has never asked you to accompany him. He could at least introduce you to his friends or invite you for the formality sake. You at least deserve an invite.

  1. Hates your friends

He hates your friends and your friends hate him. Your friends tried to like him, but they understood that he is a jerk. Your friends say that you can do better without him, and you can have someone better than him.


  1. Constant disappointment

He is always ready to disappoint you by canceling the plans you were really excited for, or by saying that he will call you later and never call back for days. He never keeps his promise which is a letdown for you.

  1. He is emotional when drunk

He never expresses his feelings when he is sober, he only claims about his love when he is drunk. A guy should be able to express himself when he is in his senses, even if he is truthful when he is drunk.

  1. He embarrasses you

You are embarrassed to date someone who does not return your texts calls you back or do anything nice for you. You are embarrassed that he thinks of you as lesser than him. he treats you like an option, and it is better to kick his ass and dump him ASAP.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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