12 Tips On Sticking To Your Exercise Routine!

By- Shreya Sharma

There are many like me, who plan to hit the gym and find it hard to get out of excuses and delay it further. We plan to hit the gym or start exercising but often find ourselves busy with our excuses like I am too busy, I am too tired, the weather is bad or I will start it from tomorrow. Even the best of our intentions go into vain and we surrender to excuses. Here are 12 tips to stick to your exercise routine.

  1. Internal motivation

Do not be externally motivated and hit the gym to look good in your cousin’s marriage. Instead, do it for yourself, love exercising and you are ready to do it for the long run.


  1. Put efforts

You cannot be perfect on the first day of strength training. Every workout takes practice and you will become habitual of it when you keep making efforts.

  1. Take it easy

Starting off things with a bang, you will usually end up sore, injured and discouraged. When you start things, take it easy. Run a quarter of a mile for the first week and slowly raise your challenge level.

  1. Mix up your exercise

Do different kinds of workout to work on different muscles and keep things interesting. Switch between machines and free weights when you are in for strength training.


  1. Work within your limits

Half of the people ditch their exercise program in the first few months or year. This is because they cannot keep up with the pressure they have forced on themselves. It is better to work within your limits and get stronger gradually.

  1. Bring in friend

Having a workout partner can be your motivation to hit the gym instead of the couch. It is easier to bail out on the gym when you go alone in comparison to when you have a partner. You even workout longer with a friend.

  1. The time schedule

You should exercise for 30 minutes a day and 5 days a week and weight training at least twice a week.  If you are always late from work, you can keep a set of weight at home.

  1. Make it a habit

Your workout should be your habit just like eating food. Make it a part of your routine. In a few months, fitness will become your mantra.


  1. Live in present

Leave the guilt of skipping exercise for a week and eating ice cream behind and get back to your routine today.

  1. Be realistic

Have realistic aims. You cannot lose 30 kgs in the first week of exercise. To get that you will have to increase your workout time.

  1. Track your progress

Write it down or use an app to record your progress. Record how much you run, walk, lift and burn calories.

  1. Reward yourself

Lose or gaining even a single kilo of weight is a reason to celebrate and reward yourself. treat yourself with the shoes you were eyeing on.

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