Leave Him? 17 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Breaking Up!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you are in a relationship, there comes a time when it is hard to decide whether you should continue the relationship or not. You might even figure it out after a long thinking time, but before you pull the chords off, you need to ask some questions to yourself. Here are 17 questions to ask yourself before breaking up.

  1. Why do you want to break up with him?

You must have a pretty good reason to break up with him. It should not be about something silly like his fashion sense.


  1. Are you too impulsive?

Do not act too impulsive. Do not think to end the relationship just because you two had a major fight. You can sort things once you calm down and see things logically.

  1. What will you tell him?

Think about what you will tell him before you actually say it.

  1. Where are you going to break up with him?

If you think he is one violent personality, break up with him public so that he does not end up hurting you.


  1. Do you want to continue your friendship with him?

If you continue to be friends, then you need to handle the situation very carefully. To have him as your friend, you cannot make him hate you.

  1. Did you give him chances?

If you have given him multiple chances to make situations fine, then it is time to call things off.

  1. Do you love him?

You can try to work through your problems if you love him and can see a future with him.


  1. Will you regret breaking up with him?

What is the point of doing the breakup if you are going to regret it later? Think before you act.

  1. Will you try being back with him?

If you might, then there is no sense to break up. Instead, you should try to make your relationship work.

  1. Do you have the interest in someone else?

If you think you might end up cheating on him, it is better you call things off. Being dumped hurts way less than being cheated on.


  1. Do your friends think that your decision is right?

Sure, it is your opinion. But asking for outsider’s opinion never hurts.

  1. Do you have any of his belongings?

Get all his belongings together before you call things off so that he can take them back home.

  1. Will you be happy without him?

If you will be, then you should break up with him.


  1. Do you have doubts regarding him or your relatiionship?

If you have doubts, then take your time to think about what is the right choice for you. You need not rush into deciding things.

  1. How will he react?

Will he cry or try to hurt you or how will he react?

  1. What do you think?

Your heart may not allow you to call things off, but if he is a threat to you then it is better you disconnect all chords.

  1. Are you ready to be over for good?

Do not think that you can take him back whenever you feel like. If you have called things off, then consider him gone.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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