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15 Signs He Is A Keeper And He Will Love You Always!

By- Shreya Sharma

When we met the love of our life, we hope they feel the same about us. We want them to be on the same page and share same intensity of love for us as we do. We plan about how romantic our dates will be, we think of a future with them and some of us even think of the name of their kids. But before you go too far with your thoughts and love for him, it is better to ensure if he too feels the same of you or not, if he is a keeper or not. Here are 15 signs that show he is a keeper and he will love you always.

  1. He makes you feel awesome

He not only thinks that you are beautiful but makes sure you also know this. He can sense when you are feeling low and knows how to make you feel good then. He will compliment your hair on bad hair day and will call you beautiful when you are in your morning look. He will make you feel beautiful both inside and out.

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  1. He is there for you through good and bad times

It is easy to be there when the times are good, but hard to stick during the tough times. When you have tough times, he looks for ways to stick by your side rather than planning for his exit. He understands how important your relationship is, and he will not let anything get in your way.

  1. He is smart and wise

He knows a lot and knows how to use it. He sees things objectively and gives you good advice. He tries to step into your shoe and see things from your perspective.

  1. He remembers everything about you

He takes care of everything and remembers everything; such as he knows the movie you want to watch, he knows you do not like taking out the trash and every other thing. He plays the music you like and every little detail.


  1. He faces problems with you

He faces problems with you and looks for solutions. If something is bothering him, he will bring it up respectfully and careful and will work with you for the solution. He knows the problems do not define your relationship if you know how to work through them together.

  1. He does not hold your mistakes

He knows people make mistakes. Even if you say things that offend you, he knows you did not mean it and laughs it off. He does not hold on to the things you said or mistakes you made. It does not mean that he is not sensitive; it means he will not make you feel bad for unintentionally hurting him.

  1. He surprises you

He always looks for fun and exciting ways to surprise you like buying you your favorite flowers, taking you to your favorite restaurant or giving you the massage after work.


  1. Your problems are his problems

If something bothers you, it bothers him too. He tries to find out solutions for your problems. It bothers him if he cannot solve your problem. He will stand by your side no matter what.

  1. He makes effort with your family

If he puts genuine efforts to build the positive relationship with your family and friends, then he is a keeper. He understands the importance of trying and puts in his best efforts.

  1. He is your best friend

He can be your lover and your best friend whatever is the need of the hour. He will always love you and stay by your side and can be your best friend as well. He will cheer you up when you are sad or will offer you his shoulder to cry on.


  1. He speaks truth

Truth can be harsh and hurts at times because of which your friends may prefer a white lie over truth, but not your boyfriend. He knows honesty is important in a relationship and he does not mind sitting down and having difficult conversations with you.

  1. He communicates openly

Men mostly prefer to shut down when things get tough, but your man always tries communicates with you openly, no matter how difficult the situation is. He prefers you both to be on the same page of communication.

  1. He makes time for you

He might be too busy with work, but you know he will make time for you so that you can have some quality time together.


  1. He challenges you

He is looking for positives challenges for you that will help you in your personal growth. He challenges you so that you can overcome unfamiliar things in your life.

  1. He listens to you

He makes effort to listen to you and ensures that you always feel heard. He offers honest and sincere response while talking with you.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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