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13 Things Introverts Understand Who Are In Love With An Extrovert!

By- Shreya Sharma

Okay! We know opposites attract but how does it work when one is introvert and the other person is extrovert? Isn’t it a whole new journey for an introvert to understand and live up with an extrovert and same applies for an extrovert too, because introverts need a bit more of ‘me time’ to recharge themselves. Here are 13 things introverts understand who are in love with an extrovert.

  1. Only your partner can convince you for a night out when you really want to stay in bed.

Only for them, you will gather your courage to socialize whole night when you really want to stay at home and recharge yourself alone.


  1. It is great to go out with them because they are the one doing most of the talking when in a group.

It is like your ideal night out because all you have to do is smile and nod and observe people. And you have to just involve in small talks when the mood strikes.

  1. People start to see you as reserved pretty soul

You might not be that quiet a person, but in comparison to your partner, yes you sure are one.

  1. You teach your man the fun of a quality night in

You know your man is so high on energy that they forget to take care of themselves at times. You balance out their vibes and calm their overloaded soul with a quality night in.


  1. People are pleased with your vibrant personality

Your man knows this, but it takes a while for your mutual friends to know about your awesome, vibrant personality which comes as a shock to them.

  1. You have the different style of conflict which makes the situation hard at times.

You have awkward arguments because when they are angry they like to say it out loud, while you like to withdraw and stay with yourself.

  1. You have a social life because of your man

You do not have to put in your efforts to reach out to new people because your extrovert bae has a set of some instant friends for you.


  1. You have to make it a deal about the nights you will stay in and socialize out in a week

This is the best way to make sure that you both are happy.

  1. Your way of communication is amazing

You have to figure out the ways to express your moods without offending each other. You have to meet somewhere in the middle to understand each other better.

  1. You are a perfect balance for each other

You both have different experiences and expertise on different grounds, together you cover up all the bases at home and party. You both keep each other grounded and make a balance in each other’s life.


  1. Your experience helps both of you to experience life in new ways

They encourage you to step out, open up to people and socialize more, whereas you encourage them to take pause and recharge their soul. You help each other to come out of your shell and experience new ways of living.

  1. Your habits complement each other

While you are a born listener, your man loves to share their feelings with someone who will listen, which makes you live in a perfect harmony.

  1. Being two different personalities is no big deal

Being an introvert or extrovert shapes who we are in some ways, but that cannot define with whom we can make a perfect team.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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