17 Things Your Boyfriend NEVER Wants To Hear From You!

By- Shreya Sharma

We know we cannot stop ourselves from saying something even though it irritates our man. We have to do what we have to do. And holding on things can turn ugly later, so we love to say what we feel. Here are 17 things your boyfriend never wants to hear from you.

  1. I am jealous

Guys do not like it when you get jealous because of their friendship with girls.


  1. I am ugly

For your boyfriend, you are beautiful. He does not like when you start bashing yourself because for him you are perfect.

  1. I do not want to talk about it

When you are upset, your man wants to know the reason, not to shut him out.

  1. I am fine

For boys, term ‘fine’ means you are pissed off. They cannot read your minds and want you to say it bluntly about what they did wrong.


  1. My EX texted me

Your man may try to hide his jealousy but this makes him jealous. He is afraid of losing you and this is the reason why he hates your ex’s texts.

  1. I am not in the mood tonight!

If he is horny, he will not like it if you are not in the mood. He wants to get his way.

  1. I am sad

Your man wants to make you happy and he does not like it when you are sad.


  1. You need to relax!

When he is angry, he does not want you to ask him to calm down. This will only make him angrier.

  1. I do not care what you are talking about

You might not be interested in his hobbies, but he wants you to at least listen to him when he talks about them. He wants you to take care of the things he is interested in.

  1. I am on period

This means you will be moody and cranky and you will not sleep with him for a few days.


  1. Asking him to do your chores

He does not want you to ask him to do the dishes always. You have to keep nagging if you want to get them done.

  1. I need to talk to you

He knows that this can mean ‘we need to break up’. He does not want to lose you, so he does not want you to say these things.

  1. When you think a particular celeb to be hot

He knows you are attracted to this celebrity, but he does not want to hear about it. He wants him to be the only guy you want to be with.


  1. I have a plan for you

If you make plans for him without even asking him, he will not like it. He wants to feel included rather than getting to follow your orders.

  1. You are so soft

For you, it may mean that he is so comfy, but he will not take it as a compliment.

  1. I discarded your stuff

He will not like it if you threw over his faded jeans even without asking him.

  1. You are so bad in bed

Men believe that they are amazing in bed, so telling him this will hurt his ego.


Source –  Tumblr

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