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‘Morning-Sex’ – 11 Reasons It Should Be Essential Part Of Your Married Life!

By- Shreya Sharma

Why is sex considered an act that is performed when the lights go out? Why not start your day with a ‘bang’? Do not make your sex life boring by reserving it for the night, start your day with a great sex as it is good and will help you physically and emotionally. Here are 11 reasons morning sex should be the essential part of your married life.

  1. You will be healthy

It can strengthen your immunity system by boosting the levels of IgA that protects your body against infection.


  1. It feels way better

Since you have rested enough and you are mentally recharged, you will have the stamina to outperform the act and have a blissful orgasm. When you do it at night, you are tired which makes you have the less fun. And when you wake up, your mind is not fully aware, and thus you have fewer inhibitions. You will feel more creative and adventurous in bed.

  1. Lights will make sex sexier

The soft light with a faint tinge yellow, when the sun begins to peek over the horizon, this will filter your room and pass over your half naked bodies with pillow toggled hair will make you and your partner feel more attracted towards each other.

  1. He will last longer

Male testosterones are at its peak in the morning, which means his energy will be at a peak as well. When he is rested well and has higher testosterone, he will be more energetic during sex. So, he will last longer.


  1. You will feel great whole day

When you have sex, the brain release serotonin and dopamine and these make you feel calm and relaxed. Orgasm produces oxytocin that makes you feel connected to your partner. This is the perfect way to wake up and brighten up your day.

  1. It boosts your immunity system

Morning sex boosts your immune system, you will avoid getting sick and will start your day feeling incredible.

  1. You can save the environment and water

In morning, you will have the time for a quickie, so you can combine the sex with shower sex. So, take a shower together and you will save the water and time.


  1. It is convenient

We prefer to sleep with the less amount of clothing to feel comfortable and some even prefer to sleep naked. So, when you have sex in morning, you do not have to take off your clothes. Waking up next to a warm, naked body makes you put in less of efforts because you both are already lying down. And you both will shower, so, why not get a little frisky before.

  1. You will glow

The sex chemicals make your hair shine, makes your skin glow and makes your face and eye relax. Morning sex is the better beauty treatment.

  1. It spice up things

Knowing that you can have spontaneous sex the first thing in the day suggests that you still have youthful passion burning in you. And when you have morning sex, you will be on each other’s mind for the rest of the day.

  1. It is like a dream

Snuggle up and sniff your man first thing in the morning, you’ll be enveloped in his natural scent, and that can turn you on like nothing else.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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