12 Reasons Long Distance Relationships Are Worth It!

By- Shreya Sharma

Long distance relationships are always scrutinized if they will survive or not. There are a lot of challenges in them in comparison to the usual relationships. You will not meet your SO frequently. There will be events you will be attending alone. You both will be in different dimensions and maybe even have time zone issues. You will not be having your SO’s arms around you on bad days. But the good thing is you will have him on phone calls, texts, and Skype and you will understand how your man’s presence can impact your life. You will always have that anticipation to see one another and meet one another. Here are 12 reasons long distance relationships are worth it.

  1. Love is binding you

You know things will not be easy for you, but you still have the love that will overcome the challenges and bind you together.


  1. You know the value of being together

You value the times you both are together and these moments are enough to remind you why you chose this difficult way.  You both miss each other and this makes you feel complete and values the times you were together.

  1. Distance makes the urge to be together strong

You might not have seen them for a while, but your love and urge for them grow more and more with each passing day.

  1. You know how to be loyal

When you both are in different space, you have to have blind faith that they will be loyal to you. You do not need to be jealous or insecure. You both have many options to cheat, but you still know that none of you will take that road which makes your relationship strongest.


  1. You understand the value of sacrifice

Sacrifice has become the basic foundation of your relationship. You are willing to sacrifice things for one another to keep the relationship intact and alive.

  1. They are your priority but you do not depend on one another

You have your relationship, they are your priority, and you still have the chance to create your own life and identity apart from your relationship. You do not lose yourself in the relationship.

  1. You have trust

There will be people hitting on you, but you know you have your best with you even if they are far away. You both trust one another enough that never make you question them.


  1. You communicate openly

You know you have so many options to keep your relationship alive. Texts, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Facetime or any other way; you have it all to maintain your relationship.

  1. It is a give and take relationship

If in a long distance relationship, the efforts are from one side only, it will fail. You both know you both will have to put in efforts to make it last.

  1. You choose them every day

You do not mind standing alone in parties. You feel happy when you say you are taken. Your heart reminds you every day that it belongs to only one person and you do not need someone else.


  1. They are worth it

They are worth everything; drive for hours, waiting for them, call plans and everything. You value each other more than anyone. You know how to surprise one another and this makes you feel that they are the best thing that ever happened to you.

  1. You have fights about important issues only

As you do not have much time together, you have fewer reasons to fight about. Your fights are probably something important and you have learned to overcome these together.


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