13 Bedtime Tricks Helps You Lose LOTS Of Weight!

By- Shreya Sharma

A night is about dreams. We dream of all the things we are passionate about either in your actual dream or with your open eyes before falling asleep. Many of us have even dreamt of having a toned body without putting in too much of efforts. But does this dream ever happen to come true? Yes, you can lose weight and wake up looking slimmer. You just need to make certain amendments in your daily schedule. Here are 13 bedtime tricks helps you lose lots of weight.

  1. Shower will help you fight insomnia

A disturbed sleeping pattern can make it hard for you to lose weight. A shower will help you calm down your body while reducing its temperature. It will make you feel relaxed and you will sleep better. Have  a timely and sound sleep.


  1. A pretty bed

Make your night bed on your own. Change the sheets, dust a little and if you want, light some candles. This will make you happy and keep your body in motion before you fall asleep. This will help you digest your dinner.

  1. A cup of antioxidants

Make it a habit of drinking either a cup of green tea or some other antioxidant drink. This helps in regular bowel movement and helps to flush out all toxic waste. You can even have plain warm water 10-15 minutes before sleeping.

  1. Say no to protein shakes in the evening

Stop drinking protein shake after your evening work out.  Protein shakes are for daytime because our body does not digest proteins at night. You can have some fruits and nuts after your evening workout session or you can make a fruit smoothie with milk.


  1. Go on a night-time walk

Make night time walk a daily routine. Do it for at least 10 minutes daily. Start with a low intensity walk and gradually turn it into brisk walking.

  1. Sleep in a dark room

Sleeping in dark room can help you reduce weight, as our body produces a hormone called melatonin when it is complete dark. It also produces brown fat which helps to burn calories. So, sleep in complete darkness to reduce weight.

  1. Some love making session

When you indulge in such sessions, your body burns a lot of calories. This hard work will help you wake up slimmer.


  1. Brush your teeth before you sleep

It will keep your gums healthy and help you reduce weight. When your mouth is fresh, your mind senses that the meal time is over which reduces the chances of midnight hunger pangs.

  1. Say no to midnight snacks

Try your best to avoid your midnight snacks, but if your hunger is uncontrollable then make sure you do not eat anything unhealthy. Try to settle down on dry fruits, fruits or vegetables.

  1. A dinner with low salt

Salt leads to water retention which bloats your body. It will make you hold water around your waistline. And until your flush away this water from your body, it stays in your blood stream during night. So either minimize your salt intake or avoid it completely in your dinner.


  1. Have a light dinner

Do not skip meal to lose weight. Instead prefer to have a lighter dinner. So, go on for some salad or fruits and avoid a complete meal at night.

  1. Wake up early

Get out of your bed early in the morning, and drink a lot of water and eat within half an hour. This will boost your metabolism and make you feel light and help you lose weight throughout the day.

  1. Do not drink

Beer is loaded with calories and leads to bloating. Keep a check on your drink especially in evening. You can have a little wine or champagne, but say no to beer.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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