Real LOVE? 14 Ways To Tell It Apart From Other *Types* Of Love!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all wonder what real love is, and we seek a perfect definition to it. But, in reality, it is hard to explain love because for every single person on this planet, real love will hold different definition. There are varieties of love and you need a way to differentiate real love out of those. Just because you care for someone and love them, does not define real love. Here are 14 ways to tell it is real love, apart from other types of love.

  1. You trust him to the core

No, this is not blind trust. You feel secure that neither you nor your partner can do anything that will break each other’s trust. There will not be consistent jealousy or envy, but you might feel them sometimes.


  1. It knows no conditions

There are no boundaries and limitations in real love. You love them no matter what. Your love is secure for them no matter if there are highs or lows in your life. Your love is not based on any terms or conditions.

  1. You try to make him happy

You will do things that you do not even like just to make him happy. It is not about going against your ethics, it is about staying awake late at night just to comfort him when you felt sleep by 10 PM. Or watching his favorite sports when you just wanted to watch your favorite rom-com movie. You just want to see your partner happy and that is why you do all little things.

  1. You slowly fall in love with him

People usually confuse infatuation and passion with love. Real love works slowly to warm you up from inside out and heats you up hotter than ever. It will not be hotter always, but it is the fire that will go for the longest.


  1. You want to share every little thing with him

He is the first one you want to share your promotion news with. He is the one you call to rant about your colleague. He is the one with whom you wish to celebrate your happy times. He is the one that comes to your mind when you want to share something happy, sad, big or small thing happens to you.

  1. You are his constant cheerleader

You are always there to support him with whatever he wants to do, with his dreams and goals. You are there with him through thick and thin. And you are doing this because you want to do this. You want him to succeed and stay happy.

  1. His happiness means more to you

In real love, you care more about your partner’s happiness than your own. You cannot see them sad, and you will do your best to make them happy. You will not feel happy if they are sad. Your happiness is now associated with them. But, extreme of this behavior will be unhealthy for your relationship. Find a balance between your and your partner’s happiness.


  1. You feel comfortable

He makes you feel comfortable whenever you are with him, no matter where you are or what you are doing. He is there beside you and everything seems alright. He is like your old, worn out pajama that makes you feel the most comfort.

  1. You never feel judged

You both do not judge each other, no matter what you both say, and it is a sign of real love. You know you can share anything with him, and he will not judge you or make you feel bad.

  1. He feels like being home

When you are with him, he makes you feel like home even when you are on road. With him, you can be yourself and you feel safe and secure.


  1. You are willing to work on it every day

It is not just a feeling; you need to put in efforts. You are a part of your partner’s day-to-day life, your express your love for him, care for him, make him feel wanted and tell him how much you value him on daily basis.

  1. Your partner has accepted you the way you are

Your partner has accepted you for who you are with your flaws and same is with you. You both love each other as you are with your every single flaw.

  1. You want him in your life

When you need someone because you cannot live without them is unhealthy. You cannot depend on someone for your happiness and survival. In real love, you will realize that you want them around you for whatever they add to your life.

  1. You feel content with him

It doesn’t matter what is going on in your lives when you’re in real love, you feel content, if not happy. No matter the highs or lows of life, no matter if you are miserable, you are secure in the knowledge that you both can sail your boat through the storms because what you have is real love.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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