11 Little Secrets Every Woman Keeps From Her Man!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all have secrets. We might seem to our man that we are one open book to them but we know the truth that there are some little secrets that we hide. There are some things that guys are totally unaware of and sometimes these are no big issues. Here are the little secrets every woman keeps from her man.

  1. Best friend knows it all

Our BFF is like our twin soul and how can our twin soul not know everything that we know. They know everything about our sex life to your bank account to some other sizes.

  1. We are hairy people

No, we are not born hairless. We are hairy creatures who have to visit salon after time before we meet our man to look hairless and smooth.

  1. Your porn stash

We all know that our man watch porn and even we do but we know your porn stash and your frequently visited porn sites. We believe that this could be the reason for you being oh so hilarious sometimes at night.

  1. Cry!! Cry!! Cry!!

We cry a lot many times, more than the times you will ever know. We cry beside you under the blanket and you have no clue about our secretive cry sessions.

  1. Save voice messages

In the beginning of a relationship, we love to save your voice and listen it again and again and even make our friends listen that. We love to realize the fact that you love us.

  1. Your jealous side

We love it when our man gets jealous. We love it when you are possessive and insecure about us; it makes us feel that you still have those love flames in you and plus the attention we get later.

  1. Tying tie for you is one proud moment

We love to see our man putting their suit on and rushing off to work. It is kind of sexy. And tying tie is the best thing to do on you. We feel proud in that.

  1. We want you to take control in bed

We do not mind initiating but we love it when you take control in bed. It makes us feel that you are still interested in us.

  1. Girls night out are fun!!

Yes we do bad things on girl’s night out that we know you will not approve of. We spill our embarrassing secrets, we drink little more, we smoke and we talk with strangers.

  1. Bikini wax is hated!!

We hate bikini waxing but loves when it is all clean down there and you love playing with it.

  1. We choose bikini keeping you in mind

We keep you in mind while buying lingerie as to the color that you will like and the pattern and what you will hate the most. You are there in our mind.

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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