7 Things that typically happens on a job

Getting up at 7 o’clock every morning, six times a week, getting freshen up and dressed, and running out of the home after barely completing your breakfast. All of this, just so that you can make it to the office on time everyday or you will be charged a penalty. So this is pretty much your routine every morning, but you are not the only one you goes through it. Every person who has a 9 to 5 job experience the same things and that does not stops there, there are certain cliché characteristic of such jobs that every office posses. Following are some of them:-

  1. Checking the clock on your entry

It is the normal tendency of a 9 to 5 person to check the clock everyday when he/she checks in the office to make sure they made it on time. People are more scared to that clock than they are to losing their lives, to get on time they would sometime even risk their life by running a traffic signal, trying to catch a running train etc.


  1. Checking out everyone

You want to look good every day, and you want people to appreciate it in the office. You also need it to satisfy your own ego, and to fulfill that purpose you starting checking out everyone the moment you enter. Who is wearing what, is the most stylish guy or the girl absent or not and other stuffs like that.


  1. Target reminder

No job comes without a target, so you must have got one too. But the worst part is you are always reminded of it no matter what. Even if you are doing a great job you are still reminded about the target you are asked to meet by your supervisor or your boss.


  1. Lunch time/gossip time

Lunch time is practically the gossip time for every employee, they burst out with everything they have got to share with your colleagues and this applies for both men and women. Yes, there is sharing of the food as well.


  1. Expediting things for the crush

Most people develop a crush for someone in their office, and to help him or her becomes a priority for them. They do everything possible by them and even travel the extra mile to expedite things for their crush.


  1. Smoke rooms

Smokes rooms are becoming popular nowadays. The employees who want to have a puff usually visit this room. It is basically getting popular as the gossip room for men.


  1. Leaving as soon as the clock hits 5

The last half an hour of the job is usually the longest time of the day, eyes are fixated in the clock and people wish if moved any faster. As soon as the clock hit 5 people would rush out as if a fire broke out. They just want to leave that place an go home.


Well these are some of the things that you would usually find in the typical 9 to 5 job. There are few more things but the above mentioned pointer are the genetics

Skadoosh guys!

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