7 Things Women Don’t Need to Do Because Men Ask Them To

We too are an individual human as men are. We are for sure not here to take orders from anybody. We too have right to make decisions on our own. Here are 7 things women do not need to do because men ask them to do.

  1. To get involved physically

It is completely your own decision to be physically involved with someone or not. Nobody has the right to commend you for this or force you to get physically involved except for you.

  1. Smile

You have your own right on your smile. It is completely your wish to smile or to frown. You are not a robot to follow commands and orders.

  1. Dressing style

You have right to wear whatever you wish to. No man has right to confiscate your right. They should not tell you not to wear mini skirt, dresses or too revealing clothes. It is your body and your right to decide your dressing style.

  1. Quite talking to male friends

If the man of your life asks you to quite talking with your male friends, Ask him to Shut up!! Tell him, had you not been talking to boys, he will not have had a place in your life and balls to try to dictate you.

  1. No late night parties

Like really? Is he too going to quite stepping out of his house late at night? Do not even think about giving a positive nod to this just because your man asked you to.

  1. Professional decisions

It is completely your call to decide whether you want to do a job or not, or which job do you wish to do. You can ask for his advice but dare not let him stop you.

  1. Change your morals

If a man asks you to change your morals according to his morals or ask you toh behave in a subtle manner. Do not, do not, do not do this. Your morals make you what you are.

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