8 Most-Popular Diet Myths That Actually Make You Fat!

By- Shreya Sharma

We do not like the bulges around our tummy area or anywhere. The moment we realize we are gaining fat, we start looking for diet charts and exercises to cut the fat down. We cut down on our diet, exercise vigorously and eat miserly to get back into fit shape. But sometimes not all that you do helps you lose weight. Here are 8 most popular diet myths that actually make you fat.

  1. Carbohydrates add fats

Some carbohydrates have high fibers that boost your body to work efficiently all day long. Cutting on your carbohydrate intake will only lower your energy level and lead to digestive problems. Go for good carbs such as whole wheat pasta, oats, brown bread and brown rice, beans, apple, etc.

  1. Breakfast like king and dinner like poor

To attempt to have a heavy breakfast, you tend to gain unnecessary calories than required. Heavy breakfast does not make you feel less hungry during rest of the day. Structure your eating according to work culture and lifestyle.

  1. Eating smaller meals a day

Eating smaller meals helps you get a control on your hunger. But this has no effect on your metabolism as you are consuming the same amount of calories.

  1. Having three to six meals a day help you reduce weight

If you consume equal calories with three or six meals a day, there is no significant difference in the total energy expenditure. Keep a watch on your total calorie intake.


  1. Fat is a strict no-no

Being on the low-carb or low-fat diet is not going to help you lose weight. Try to include healthy and essential fatty acids in your diet.

  1. Eating late at night makes you gain weight

Since you do not do any physical activity after a certain time in the night, the calories will take a longer time to burn off. Avoid high-calorie foods during night. You can go for a light late dinner as it will not harm much.

  1. Artificial sweeteners are healthy alternative

Artificial sweeteners can induce slow and steady weight gain. These trick your sugar substitutes and you crave for more sugary food. It can lead to digestive problems. It is better to put a small pinch of sugar in your tea or coffee. Or you can opt for a glass of carbonated water with lemon.

  1. You can eat anything if you are hitting the gym

If you gorge on an ice cream or a cheesy pizza after burning loads of calories on the treadmill, it will add-on more calories than you lost. If you do not get your hunger cravings and food intake under control, then even exercising cannot help you out.


Source –  Tumblr

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