15 Things He Will Not Tell You But You Need To Know!

By- Shreya Sharma

There are few things your boyfriend will never tell you, but still, you must know to understand him better. Sometimes, men are actually less complicated than we think they are. They are somewhat like us in a few things like they too love compliments but will never tell you or will never ask you for them. You have to know a few things about your man or man in general to have a better relationship. Here are 15 things he will not tell you but you need to know.

  1. They too are sensitive

Though they appear rough and manly on their exterior, but still they hold a soft side which they do not like to show. Be careful before saying something mean as it can hurt them and leave scars on their sensitive side.


  1. Sometimes they are not sure of themselves

It may seem that your man is sure of his feelings and actions, but sometimes they have complaints about their appearance, their job, hobbies and even relationships. Listen to his jokes carefully and you will know what scares him the most.

  1. They compare themselves with your ex

They might say he does not care, but in real they do compare themselves with your ex in order to be the best man you ever had.  They wonder if they are the better man than the guy you had in your past.

  1. They need their space

The way we want our personal space, same is with guys. They too want their personal space so that they can spend time with themselves to analyze their thoughts, feelings, and actions. Respect his personal space.


  1. They like to look in the mirror

Most men love to look at themselves in the mirror. They want to look good and love to admire themselves. Look at your man when he passes by a mirror and you will know.

  1. They like Role reversal

They may not admit it, but they want you to take on their role and take initiatives in your relationship. They want to see efforts on your behalf as well like planning a date for you two or pampering him.

  1. They love you more now as compared to the time you met

It could be because now they know you better and know that you are more than just a pretty face.  They love you more now than they loved you when you met which is so romantic.


  1. They too have a bad past

They might not openly talk about their past, but there are chances that there would be some girl who has hurt him in the past. If he does not want to commit, it could be that he is just protecting his heart.

  1. They want you to get along with his friends

It is never easy to choose between friends and love. If you get along with his friends, it will be a lot easy for him to hang out. If your man invites you to hang out with his friends, you should feel lucky because he wants you to be in his life for long.

  1. They too like being touchy-feely

It is not only you who likes snuggling up with him. He too loves it when you put your head on his shoulder or hugs him. Show your affection because chances are that he too might love it.


  1. Their eyes wander

Do not get angry with him if you find him looking at the beautiful girl passing by him. Looking around does not mean he will leave you for her. This can make you feel a little uncomfortable but you should understand it.

  1. They too think about their future with you

It is not only you who daydream about a future with him, he too thinks about his future plans that include you.

  1. They do not want to quit their hobbies

They may like to spend their free time playing video games as it helps them relax. You should not stop them from it. Just because he loves you, does not mean he cannot love his hobbies. Encourage him to continue his hobbies.


  1. They like what you like

He may pretend that he does not like your girly shows or those rom coms and are just watching because they love you, but they do not really mind them. He might not admit it, but he likes these girly things of yours.

  1. They want to make you happy

When he is in the relationship, he really cares about you. He might not know how to please you but he will put in his efforts and that is what really matters.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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