11 Little Relationship Issues You Should Better Ignore!

By- Shreya Sharma

It is always difficult to understand as to what to fight about in the relationship and what to let go. These issues are subjective and should be handled with care. There are a lot of factors that influence your reasons for the fight like age, your personality, your partner’s dating history, how long have you been in a relationship and many other things. The bond you have with your partner determines whether it is easy to confront the issue or not. Here are 11 little relationship issues you should ignore.

  1. Being bossy

If your partner is bossy, it should not bother you. They will understand the importance of getting things done your way. Calmly remind your partner that he can be bossy at his career but he needs to keep this attitude at back seat when in the home.


  1. Having alone time

There is nothing wrong if your partner needs alone time, especially if you live together. If your partner needs a night out with his friends, there is nothing to feel annoyed over this. You can even plan your alone time and have an independent life.

  1. Acting superior

There are a lot of people who face superiority issues in the relationship. But you can easily deal with it by being patient when you know your partner is no harm.

  1. Spending time with friends

This could be a problem when he wants to spend a lot of time with his friends. There is nothing wrong with it and you should let it go. There is no harm if your man wants to spend time with the people who care about him. It is a good time to spend apart and focus on yourself. You can also spend time with your friends.


  1. Weak sense of humor

If your man cracks lame and most sarcastic jokes that only put you into embarrassment, take it like your partner is putting in his efforts to connect with you and the people around you. Give him the efforts for trying and laugh at his jokes to make him feel good.

  1. Being an inexperienced

For some dating, a virgin or someone with no relationship experience can be a deal breaker. The things that should matter to you should be your love for this person, not how much or how frequently you have loved in the past. It will be a rather adventurous journey where you will be teaching your partner things.

  1. Being too kinky

This can be a problem for some, but let it go and play along. This will only help you expand your sexual horizon and you will try the things that you did not even think of doing.


  1. Being a messy kid

Messiness is subjective. What may seem messy to you may seem how things are done to others. You can gently remember your partner to pick things up instead of fighting over it. Fight if your messiness turns into being unhygienic.

  1. Being fussy

No one likes being told that how they are doing things is wrong and stupid. If your partner is fussy about the way you do things, appreciate his concern and tell him that it is your way of living. Do not make a big issue out of it as they just want the best for you.

  1. Being a miser or splurger

They can splurge their money or can be a miser. It is their money and they can do anything with as long as they save money for a rainy day.

  1. If your friends hate your partner

We all have been in the situation where our friends do not get along with our partner. You can no longer plan group get-together without getting eye rolls from your besties.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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