13 Nail Art Designs For This Valentine’s Day!

By- Shreya Sharma

Imagine the situation, where your guy kneels down and proposes you with a ring and your nails are all chipped and rough and odd, horrible!! Isn’t it? Valentine’s Day being around the corner, it is the time you pamper yourself and your nails and be ready for your date night and you never know what the future holds for you. Get your nails dressed in the theme of Valentine’s Day with pink and hearts and love letters. Here are 13 nail art designs for this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Love Letter

Give your nails a personalized love letter look. The red can act as the color of your love or you can mix up things with different shades.

love letter

  1. LOVE

This is simple, sweet and all about love. Just a toothpick can help you show off your love.

love nail art

  1. Balloon hearts

Who does not like heart-shaped balloons on Valentine’s Day!!

balloon heart

  1. Couple on nail

Why not get your couple painted on your nails?

couple on nail

  1. Polka dot love

This is enough to remind us of cartoons and pop arts. This is simple yet fancy.

polka dot love

  1. Tatted up love

Let your nails look liked being tattooed.

tatted up

  1. Glitters and gold

If you are the one who loves glitter, it is the way to celebrate your day with love and shimmer.

glitters and gold

  1. Love Birds

Let the love birds fly sky high!!

love birds

  1. Hearts for beginners

Give your nude nail paint a pinch of heart with the toothpick.

hearts for beginners

  1. Engraved rose

Rose never goes out of fashion.

engraved rose

  1. Aqua love

For all the water lovers, let your Valentine’s Day go aqua style.

aqua love

  1. Kiss with heart

Reds and whites and kisses!!

kiss with heart

  1. No Valentine

If you are not Valentine’s Day kind of person, support some sassy hearts on your nails.  

no valentine

Source – Pinterest, Hercampus

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