10 Amazing Tips For The Girls Who Have Never Been Kissed!

By- Shreya Sharma

The first time of anything can be nerve-wrecking experience and kissing is no exception. Kissing first time needs a lot of guts and you are self-conscious because you have never ever done it. You wonder if your kissing technique is right if this will turn into a deal-breaker, how things will happen if you should tilt your head right or left and so many other questions. Here are 10 amazing tips for the girls who have never been kissed.

  1. Being honest

If you trust the guy you are thinking about kissing, then all you need to do is to be upfront and honest with him. If he is serious, he will not make fun of you. He will make things comfortable for you.


  1. Do not pressurize him

The first kiss needs not to be perfect, magical or amazing. It is a learning process and you can enhance your skills always.

  1. A slow start

When you are learning the art of kissing, it is better to take things slow. Start with few soft kisses before you indulge into tongue play and other techniques. Just do what feels right, do not stress about getting better quickly.

  1. Avoid too much of lip gloss

For practical kissing tips, too much of lip gloss makes things slippery and messy and guys like to feel the naked lips.


  1. Look out for privacy

You will be nervous in the first place but it will get worse when you will have an audience to watch.

  1. Close your eyes

Though it is overwhelming, still you should close your eyes. Having your eyes open when you can be little weird when you are so close to someone. If he opens his eyes and sees you, it will be little awkward. So, close your eyes and enjoy the moment.

  1. Touch play

If you are not comfortable using your hands, you need not to. If you do not know where to put them, you can simply hold his hand or his shoulder. If you want to go a little bold, you can touch his face or move your fingers within his hair.


  1. Let him lead the kissing

Wait for him to come to you and see what he does. Catch the hints, if he tilts his head one way, till your head in other direction. Let him set the speed of your kiss.

  1. Keep it short

This is your first kiss; you need not drag it long. Keep your kiss short and sweet. Be the one to pull away first so that he is left with anticipation for the next time which will make your next time fun.

  1. Try to relax

A bad kiss is not the end of the world and he will not like you any less for it. It is normal to be nervous, but do not be so scared that you freak out when it is time. Do it with someone you love and trust and he will make you feel relaxed.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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