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7 *Warning* Signs He Is Hiding Something From You!

By- Shreya Sharma

It is one worse feeling to think that your man is hiding something from you. You might feel it because of his strange and weird behavior or your instinct might tell you so, but sure you can feel your heart sinking inside your body and your mind running with random thoughts as to what it could be. You do not know if this is just imagination or if it is true. To help you out, here are 7 signs that show he is hiding something from you. This can be a coincidence, but the more signs you see in him, the higher are the chances of him hiding something from you.

  1. Being distant

If he is being distant, chances are he is hiding something from you. He might be keeping this distance to cover up something.  He can be hiding numerous things like cheating, gambling, drinking problems etc. You have an absolute right to know whatever the issue is.


  1. He is secretive of his whereabouts

If he is being super secretive about where he is or let you know that he will not tell you where he goes, then you need to be suspicious. As a couple, there should be no secrets between you two, especially regarding whereabouts. If he is working on a surprise for you, then it is fine. But otherwise, you should be worried about what all he is hiding from you.

  1. You heard some rumors

Rumors are not always true, so it is difficult to know when to believe them and when to not. Consider the source of the rumor, if they are reliable or not. If it is from someone you trust, then you need to be suspicious.

  1. He has lied before

If you cannot trust your man, it is the time you re-evaluate your relationship. If your man has lied to you before, then you should be suspicious because he may hide things from you. If he has learned from his past mistakes or he lied to you in far past, that is one different case.


  1. He gets defensive when you touch his phone

For him, using his phone is like invading his privacy which is understandable. But if the super secretive when he is using the phone and freaks out if he thinks you had a glance then you need to be careful. He can be hiding something, now you can either confront him or wait for more evidence.

  1. His stories do not match

If you find his stories do not match, and there is something suspicious about the things he tells you, then it is a bad sign. The only good thing in this can be if he is hiding a surprise gift for you. You need to really investigate if his facts do not match the story.

  1. You have strong intuitions

Intuitions are rarely wrong. If you think something is happening, then probably it is. Follow your instinct, but do not jump to a conclusion. But if you have an instinct along with these signs, then you are in for trouble.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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