5 Times You Should Definitely *Kiss* Your Man!

By- Shreya Sharma

Kissing shows your intimacy, love and how much you care for your partner. And the sweetest are the random kisses; it just feels so good when someone kisses you out of nowhere. But there are some situations when you should definitely kiss your man. Here are 5 times you should definitely kiss your man.

  1. At the end of you date

Once your first romantic date ends, you will know how it went, if it was on the good note or not. If he tries to hold your hand or to flirt with you, he may be expecting something more. If you find such hints, then go on and kiss him. A tender kiss on cheek or neck will do a great job rather than a passionate kiss.


  1. When he is stressed

In this fast-paced, busy life, it is easy to get stressed and forget to show your affection for each other. But when you find your man stressed, this is the best time to place a kiss on his lips, forehead or cheeks. This will make him feel refreshed and relaxed.

  1. After you fight

Kiss is the perfect way to channelize your anger. Kiss to make up after the fight, you will forget your grudges and it will lead to a passionate love making session. Only you have to do is, let go of your ego.


  1. On holiday

Do not forget to kiss your partner when on vacation, even if you are travelling with kids or are stressed. Start with a soft kiss and this will make you both forget your worries. Kiss your man every morning and night and this will work like magic. And the romance will work like the hangover for you for the longest.

  1. In tough times

Kiss spreads happiness and absorbs sadness. Kiss your partner when he is down, feeling lonely, have lost someone close, or just going through a gloomy phase, and this can lift his mood instantly, and recharge him to continue his life with a smile.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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