12 Sweet Ways To Show Him Your *Trust* In Him!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you love someone, it is important to express your feelings for them even if you have been in a relationship for years. Your partner deserves to know your true feelings whether it is about how much you love him or about how you see your future with him. Guys cannot read your mind or catch your clues, so it acts as a re-confirmation to them. Show your man that you love him and trust him with the right message. Here are 12 sweet ways to show him your trust in him.

  1. Call him

Stay in a constant touch with him, but this does not mean that you call him every hour as this will irritate him. After your date, call him to tell him how wonderful you feel with him or how you cannot stop thinking about him.


  1. Touch

When you are with him, hold his hand, play with his fingers, lean on his shoulder or just gently rub your arm against his. He will understand that you are comfortable with him and you trust him.

  1. Do not be too available

Suggest him that you need him through your gestures, but still play hard to get. If you are available all the time, he will start to take you for granted. Let him know that you are not easy to please.

  1. Eye contact

Make eye contact with him whenever you are having a conversation. This will show him about how interested you are in him.


  1. Ask for his advice

Ask for his suggestions when you are in doubt. And if you feel his suggestion is worthy, apply it and let him know how his suggestion helped you. He will understand that you value his opinion.

  1. Make his place a little bit of yours

Leave your clothes, brush, hairbrush, lip balm etc. at his place. This will send him the signal that you treat his place as your own. He will be happy and learn to share his space with you.

  1. Be good to his family

Even if you cannot stand his friends or family, they mean a lot to him. Do not talk bad about them; instead, explain why you are upset. Communicate your feelings and he will be more understanding and supportive.


  1. Be one-man woman

If you feel he is the true match for you, then stop seeing other guys. You need to be a one-man woman for him to be a devoted partner.

  1. Discuss about your day

Ask him about his day, tell him about yours and be involved in each other’s life. This will tell him that you are interested in his life and want him to be a part of your life.

  1. Accept his friends

To have a long-term relationship, you need to gel around with his friends too. Be warm and friendly with his friends and they will respect you and like you. And your man will love you even more.


  1. Be yourself

Don’t pretend to be someone else. He might end up liking the fake you that you present in front of him and that will just complicate things. Let him fall in love with the real you. Make him realize that you don’t have to pretends in front of him and that is how comfortable he makes you feel.

  1. Express your feelings to him

If you like him, then say it before it is too late. Maybe he is shy or waiting for you to say it first. Propose him if you like him.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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