If He Puts Efforts In These 12 Things, He Is Your Forever Person!

By- Shreya Sharma

Finding out if the guy you are with is your forever man or not is one difficult task especially when your man is giving you mixed signals. At one time he is the sweetest of all and then he is most annoying and irritating man you have ever met. Well, look at the small and grand gestures that your man does and it will help you decide if he is your one and only. Here are 12 things, if he puts efforts in; he is your forever person.

  1. Plans date

He should not expect that you should come up with new ideas every weekend. Instead, he should take you a new restaurant once in a while and should shop something that he thinks you will love.


  1. Text back

He should tell you where he is and what he is doing. This way you can trust him and there will no reason to doubt him.

  1. Effort with friends and family

He should put in his efforts to get along with your friends and family members. He respects everyone who is important to you. He puts his efforts to get your father in his favor even if he gets rude with him. He tries his best to make a good impression on your family and friends.

  1. Give you an orgasm

It is not necessary to climax every time you have sex, but you should climax majority of times. There should be plenty of foreplay and oral and he should not only just focus on his orgasm but also on yours too.


  1. Save money

He should prepare for future if he really wants to spend his life with you. He should resist his urge to splurge money on alcohol and you both should save money for a future house.

  1. Make you feel important

He should make you feel like a part of his life. He should tell you about his work life. He should invite you with his friends and make you feel important.

  1. Flirt

Even if it has been long that you two are in the relationship, he should never take your love for granted. He should flirt with you and try to woo you even though he has you.


  1. Stay healthy

If he loves you, he will take care of himself and put in the effort to keep himself healthy, so that you two can have a long life together.

  1. Compromises

If you two have the different opinion about something, then it should not end up with one of getting your way and the other one being disappointed. You should find a mid-way solution that is beneficial for you both.

  1. Do his responsibility

He should help you with cooking and cleaning. He should not rely on you to do all of his chores for him because you are not his mother. You should be sharing equal household responsibilities.


  1. Efforts to look good

It is not about wearing a suit and ties every day, but he should look presentable. He should keep his beard trimmed and wear washed and ironed clothes.

  1. Make you happy

He should think your smile is the most beautiful thing in the world, and he should aim to see it as often as possible.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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