7 Reasons Holding Hands More In Relationship Is Good!

By- Shreya Sharma

Walking down the road holding your man’s hand is totally a scene out of movies. We all love to hold out partner’s hand as it is fun and intimate. It is a way you show your affection and benefits your relationship in long run. The way you hold your man can show your love and trust in each other. Here are 7 reasons holding hands more in the relationship is good.

  1. You feel connected

It shows that you are telling your partner that you are there for him. It makes you feel like a unit and you feel together even in the crowd.


  1. It talks about your commitment level

When you hold one another’s hand, you send out a message that you are committed. It shows that you are in a strong and healthy relationship. You feel comfortable and safe with each other.

  1. Reduce stress and anxiety

Holding your partner’s hand reduces stress and anxiety and makes you feel calm. Your partner’s hand can send you in a relaxing state.

  1. You feel close

Holding hands make you feel bonded and enrich your relationship. It makes you feel closer physically and emotionally.


  1. Your secret language

It is a nonverbal way to communicate. You can rub your fingers over your man’s hand and he can get your message. It shows that you are there for each other; you can tell about your nervousness and can even tell about your naughty mood.

  1. It shows your comfort level

Holding hands is the best way to comfort someone. You hold one another’s hand when you are upset. It is like you send out your positive vibes and comfort to each other.

  1. It says about your love

It might be a small gesture, but it is meaningful and it shows that you love the person whose hand you are holding. You feel loved.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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