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17 Signs He Is NOT The ONE (And You Better Leave ASAP)!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all look for have a serious solid relationship in our life but when we have one; we cannot live with them nor live without them. You should have someone by your side that should make you feel good about yourself. He should be your stress buster not the reason for your constant stress and aggression. Do not settle for the first person you meet just for the sake of being in a relationship because it will have adverse effect on you in long run. It is better to be happily single rather than being a toxic relationship. Here are 17 signs he is not the one and you better leave ASAP.

  1. You have to stay at home on Friday night with your makeup on because your man canceled the plan at last moment.

Who says it will not happen again? Go out and enjoy your life. Do not wait for your man to make plans for you. If he fits in your plan, great, if not, you are good alone.


  1. You spend hours to construct the message you need to send to him

This shows you are not comfortable with the person because when we are comfortable with someone, we do not have to think about it. We just say what we want to say without overanalyzing things.

  1. You start and end the conversation

If you are the one who starts and ends the conversation every time, you need to get out of your dream land and realize he is not the right one.

  1. Priorities matter

People have priorities and make time for the things important to them. If he cannot manage his time for you, you know where you stand.


  1. If you act that you are ok with the casual relationship, he will not put in his efforts.

If he is getting what he wants without any stress, then why would he want to put in his efforts? Do not let him think that you are ok with this.

  1. He makes plans but there is not specific date to it.

If he really wanted to make some plan, he would have come up with a day and time. It is just his way to have you stick around him and get what he really wants from you.

  1. You have to make excuses for his behavior

Do not be so blinded by the situation you want that you even lie to yourself for his behavior. You are not in the situation you want and you need to understand this.


  1. You know he is still on Tinder

Why would he be still on Tinder if you guys are actually “Dating”? How are you even okay with this?

  1. If he is not ready to commit now, why would he commit to you in future?

Why you are still around him when you know his answer is not what you really want? There are a lot of people who will make you feel happy rather than miserable.

  1. The way he talks with your friend is like he is hitting on her

He knows, your friend knows about it but you do not know it or you act like you do not know it.


  1. If he is talking about other girls, he might be sleeping with them too

Having friend of opposite sex is not a problem, but crossing the line is surely a problem. If he talks about getting drunk with other girls, taking them on dates or having sleepovers, you know what he is up to.

  1. If he is too keen to have a condom on while sex, it can be a problem

Well, great if he is being safe and wants to have safe sex; but there could be chances that he is sleeping with other girls as well and that is why he does not want to risk infecting you or himself.

  1. You are the one initiating things

Remember, if he wanted to talk with you, he would have made you a call. He would have made efforts to hang out with you.


  1. Your friends do not support you

Your friends only want your best and that is why they have affair opinion about things for you. They want to see you happy.

  1. You only hang out in nights

He wants to spend his time with his friends doing whatever he wants and still has someone to sex with when he returns home.

  1. He is not bothered with your personal details

If he is not asking you about your day or life, then it is simple that he does not care about you.

  1. No messages from his end

This is perhaps the biggest message. If he isn’t reaching out or trying to talk to you, HE JUST ISN’T THAT INTO YOU.


Source – Tumblr

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