6 Things you will understand if you have the chill friend

When you have a group of friends, there are usually different types of people with different types of personality and interest. Everybody is unique in their own way and contribute their flavour in the group. Out of all those people, there is always a guy or a girl who is known for his/her chilled out personality. The experience you have with them is completely different from what you have with other. This is the part of the crowd whom we usually term as happy-go-lucky one. Moreover following are some of the things you will realize only when you have a friend like that in your life.

  1. Positive thinking

The first vibe that you get when you usually meet such people is enthusiastic and positive, that makes you want to meet them repeatedly. You like their positive vibe and want to learn how they manage to stay cheerful and happy even after facing problems in life.

  1. Fun all the time

There is not a moment when these people don’t want to party or have fun. Wherever they go you will always notice them searching for fun. Even if the conditions aren’t appropriate they will still find something or the other to keep their fun part occupied.

  1. Always ready for a hangout

As mentioned above, these people are always ready to have fun and hangout and party. You will always find them asking you for some hangout or other and will ask you if you are ready for it. They just can’t fix themselves at one place. They want to explore the different parts of this world, that too at the same time.

  1. Humor

This is another thing that you will find in the chilled out people, is that they have an astonishing sense of humor. They have their own unique way of seeing things and twisting and presenting things in a way that the humor comes on its own. This quality is also one of the things that help them to win over other’s heart.

  1. Can cheer you up, when low

The chilled out people know exactly what string needs to be pulled to click certain emotions. When they find someone feeling low they come up with different ways and solutions to cheer people up. They are ready to take and extra stretch in order to bring back the happiness into others.

  1. Never worried about anything

These chilled people have this extraordinary quality to hide their sadness and worry behind their personality and smile. You will not be able to make out if the person is actually happy or not. They portrait themselves as they are never worried about anything in this world. They are always smiling and cheered up.

Well these are the few things that you realize when you have a “chill” friend.

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