15 Emotional Stages Of Every New Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

New relationships are like a fresh tide of excitement and discovery. Your honeymoon period is no less than magic. You have never felt this way for anyone and you are just floating in the flawlessness of all the charm and warmth you are feeling with this. In the initial stage of new relationship, our brain is producing oxytocin which is a love hormone that makes you feel all the butterflies in your stomach. But with the passing time, you go through these 15 emotional stages. Here are 15 emotional stages of every relationship.

1. Every songs reminds you of him

You are so smitten by this person that the lyrics does not matter to you, all that matters is that it reminds you of him. It could be one love song or just one super raunchy number or that goofy dance number, all you think about is him.

dancing couple

2. We are made for each other

For you he is the most perfect person you have ever met and you both are compatible enough. You feel like you are having the time of your life. You find him hot and most attractive person.

3. You have strong feelings for him but you hardly know him

You are into him so strongly but you know nothing about their family, background, past etc. You feel odd that you have strong feelings for someone you hardly know about.

4. When you think that you love him

You feel that cupid bow has hit you so hard over your head that you feel something intense inside you. You feel it is too early in your relationship and it might freak him out.

i love him

5. No instant reply from them makes you worry

If you call or text him and he does not reply you back, you are in for all the negative thoughts you can ever have like, is he no more interested in me? Is he fine? Has he met some accident? Is he dating someone else?

6. The first argument is unpleasant

You are this vulnerable stage in your relationship and more prone to being hurt. You are all confused about this argument, even when you talked it out together and everything is perfect now.

7. You notice their weird things

As that happy hormone starts fading away, the blinders you wear are going to take off and then you will notice a habit about him that just annoys you. You still love them.

that is weird

8. He is the best person ever

You just love hanging out with them and then you spend all your day thinking about them and your next date. *Daydreaming mode on*

9. Why were you dumped?

You wonder why someone would break up with them. How can someone be fool to leave him!!

10. If you want to dump me, you can!!

Okay fine, I love you but maybe you do not feel the same intensity. Fine!! You can dump me.


11. What if it all comes to an end?

You do not want it to end but what if somethings happens? Now you have a reason to be sad.

12. Stalk the exes

You will search and stalk all his exes on Facebook just to see how they look and are they better than you?

13. You find lots of bad habits in him

You have now noticed multiple of things about him that irritates you and you might even have had arguments with him but then you love more things about him.


14. We will be together always

You feel things cannot be any better than this. You feel to be in a fantasy world which you never want to end but you fear that it will.

15. Where did the spark go?

Eventually the love blinders are removed completely. You see one another as real person and fictional character. The spark is not as strong as it used to be but you are still in love.

where are you

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