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19 Texts You Exchange With Your Bestie On Daily Basis!

By- Shreya Sharma

Only your best friend is the one who will reply to your obsessive multiple non-stop texts religiously. Rest of the world will consider you to be a psychopath. Your best friend is there for you in every sphere of your life; relationship advice, check! A shoulder to cry on, check! A wine night partner, check! A gossip buddy, check! You know how they make you feel complete and how their absence makes you sulk. For all the love and hatred you have, you text them like crazy. Here are 19 texts you exchange with your bestie on daily basis.

1. I have not seen you since yesterday, I miss you terribly.


2. Hey! You are not dead, are you? You better not be dead!

You have not replied to my text 10 minutes ago.

3. Can I borrow your clothes?

Because you know two closets are better than one.

4. Boys are dumb and asshole!

He didn’t ask me out.


5. What is the plan for tonight?

Come to my place.

6. Did he text you back?

Because you are almost a part of each other’s relationship.

7. Can you pick me a bottle of wine?

I just broke up with him.


8. How much do I need to pay?

For the bill, she paid last time.

9. Wanna get some food or snack?



My man is not replying. I need you! Tell me what do I do now?


11. Come, let’s snuggle!

How comforting are the hugs from your BFF?!

12. Please, let’s go out. I’m dying of boredom!

Because your social life depends on each other.

13. Send me pictures, every single picture.

You share the craziest pictures of each other.


14. What the F*ck? Are you high or onto something I didn’t know about!

Reaction to every other thing.

15. My life is no less than a joke.

They know your struggles.

16. What happened last night? C’mon spill it out!

This is particularly when either of you falls asleep while talking or one of you could not respond or one of you had a sleepover with bae.


17. Love You Like A Sister.

Sister from another mister!

18. *Kiss emoji*

Because I do not know what I would do without you.

19. I owe you big time for saving my arse!

Thank you for being there and saving my life always.


Source – Tumblr

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