6 Amazing Sex Games To Play For Naughty Couples!

By- Shreya Sharma

To be a happy couple, you need to put in the efforts to spice things up in your relationship. You can engage in sex games that will make your lovemaking session more enjoyable. It can be hard for you to think of a way to introduce sex games into your life, but these are easy to play. Find the game that is suitable for you and you will love to try the others game too. Here are 6 amazing sex games to play for naughty couples.

  1. Crossdress

In this game, you will have to try each other’s close. Strip naked in front of your wardrobes and try on each other’s clothes. It will be really fun and you will die laughing if any of you try the other person’s underwear.


  1. Play doctor and nurse

In this game, you got to dress like a doctor and a nurse and you will have to convince your partner to have sex with you. It will bring fun to your relationship. Try your best to convince each other.

  1. Ask sexy questions

Cover each other in dark place where you will get intimate, and start asking each other intimate questions. This way you will enjoy your time together. This is the time when you can ask disturbing questions about your intimacy.

  1. Massage and body paint

Ask your partner to lie down, and then you can give him with a sensual massage with edible body paints. And after the massage, you both can enter the shower together. This will help you spend enough time together relaxing.


  1. Act drunk

Pretend you are drunk in front of your partner and approach him. Try to share secrets and ask questions that you would not have if you had been sober. This way you will stay romantic and you can even talk about secrets.

  1. Read erotic book

Read an erotic book to each other and try to explain it to each other. You can also try to act like the characters. This will turn your free time into the adventurous event where you can turn yourselves into Christian grey and Anastasia.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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