25 Things To Do Make Your Long Distance Relationship Easier And… Closer!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being in a long distance relationship is never easy. It is hard to manage the relationship and you have to put in more efforts to keep the bond intact as compared to a normal relationship. But you need not worry; you can deal with this challenge and pass with flying colors. Turn the distance into your USP and feel the love. Think of all that you can do within this distance and you can conquer your love. Here are 25 things to do make your long distance relationship easier and closer.

1. Use the websites that will let you watch the movie together

There are websites like Watch2gether or TogetherTube that will get your videos in sync.


2. Skype it
When the distance makes it hard for you to get enough of your partner, Skype can help you see him and have some calm.

3. Exchange of emails and messages

Do not forget to exchange emails and messages in a healthy amount to keep your connection going. You will know about each other and this will build trust.

4. Write letters to each other

Handwritten letters have a personal touch and you both can read them when you miss each other the most.


5. Courier your love

We all feel excited when we get a gift from our loved ones. And more of the fun and excitement if the box is from your bae.

6. Online shopping

This is a great way to shop together. Send your partner the link or the picture of things you like, and this way you can shop together.

7. Tourist guide

No, it is not about hiring a tourist guide. It is about exploring new and different places through your partner’s eyes. You can be a walking guide for your partner whenever you visit a new place.


8. Online course together

Online courses are for the people living in different parts of the world. So, you can have the fun of studying together while being in different space.

9. Picture surprise

Use your smartphone and send your partner pictures of yours. And plus point is to keep them a secret. Send him your pictures out of nowhere and he will love the surprise.

10. Erotica together

Pick up an erotica and a pencil. Mark all your favorite portions of the book and you can even write your personal sexy message along the margins. Once you are done reading the book, mail the book to your partner. He will have a personal, sexy read and this will be a turn on for him.


11. Shed your inhibitions

Sometimes it is easy to share some things over the phone rather than face-to-face. So open up about your inhibitions, this way you will learn a lot about your partner and you will feel more closer when you meet next time.

12. Remember your time

Every time you talk with your partner on phone or meet them, have your DIY session to represent your love. You can make anything, a scrapbook or any other special thing and by the end of the month or year, you will have a collection of memories that will remind you of the times you spend together.

13. Order him his favorite food

You can easily order food for your partner even being in different spaces. It does not matter if you are not there with him, but you can send him his favorite pizza.


14. App to share your love

There are certain apps like Couple, Intimate and Avocado that allows you to use your smartphone to share some moments together.

15. A t-shirt of yours

Send your partner a t-shirt that has your smell. Buy a t-shirt and wear it to sleep for a night and then send it to your partner. We all have our own natural scent that our partner can easily pick. This way you both can have each other’s shirt and hug it while you sleep. This will make you feel like you are together.

16. Plan trips

They may or may not work out. But the idea of meeting your man will keep you on your toes and you will be excited. Plus you will even learn the art of compromise as you both will not always agree to the same thing while planning a trip together.


17. Exchange your works

You can make a presentation for your partner and he can read up your assignment for corrections. This way you can get perspectives into each other’s life and your work will be done.

18. Doodle

Doodle too is a website that allows you to share a whiteboard with your partner and doodle together in real time.

19. Follow same YouTube channels

This way you will have same interest which will lead to more new things to talk about.

20. Play truth or strip

Your video calls should be your help and fun session. Play truth or strip on video calls and you both will be having time to remember.


21. Share your fantasies

Share your wildest fantasies to keep things steamy even when you are away from each other. And these fantasies will turn into a steamy fun time when you are together.

22. Multi-player games online

Being in a long distance relationship does not mean you cannot play together. You need not spend all your time talking. Relive your childhood together.

23. A night under stars

You can have a phone conversation almost anywhere and the sky you see is the same for all. Go to an open quiet place and spend time together looking at the sky while being on phone.


24. A surprise visit to your partner

This is the surprise your partner will never forget plus that feeling when you see each other.

25. Make a list of cafes you want to visit together

Use Zomato and find the places in each other’s cities that you will like to visit when you are together. You will get to know about each other’s taste buds.


Source – Tumblr

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