8 Things that leads you to depression

Depression, a word or a disease that is rapidly growing in today’s world. Every second person is depressed for or at least claims to be. Ever wondered the reason behind it? Why are so many people getting frequently depressed? Well to help you find an answer to that, here are some of the things that leads to depression.

  1. Stress

People with a lot of stress are majorly prone to depression all the time. Stress may appear from several reasons but it ultimately leads to depression if it is not taken care of in time.


  1. All work, No play

People who have a habit of working hard all day usually end up having depression. What we usually forget is that our body needs rest once in a while to rejuvenate itself, lack of which leads to stress in the body and mind and eventually causes depression.


  1. Lack of exercise

The blood in your body needs to reach every single part in proper amount to help you stay fit and healthy. In order to so you need to exercise daily. Not exercising has stand out to be one of the causes of depression in modern times.


  1. Lack of sleep

Just like exercise, getting proper sleep is also very important part of the day, lack of which can cause irritation, dizziness, weakness and depression. Sleep helps your body and mind to relax, so if you are not having sufficient sleep it may lead to depression.


  1. Poor diet

Just like an apple a day keeps the doctor away, green vegetable and a proper and healthy diet structure keep stress and depression away. Not having healthy food affects your health and thus leads to depression due to overload of work that you body cannot handle.


  1. Grievances

Few people have the habit off holding on to grief moments of their life which starts eating them from within. With time the intensity of such thoughts take a toll and leads to depression.


  1. Isolation or exile from social connection

Few people start ignoring their social life due to anger or grief which is not suggestible at all. Staying in isolation while you are angry or sad will only elevate your problem and when it gets out of your hand, it probably leads to depression.


  1. Social media overload

Avoiding social life and putting your time excessively in the social media has also come up as one of the major causes of depression, especially in the teenagers. The relaxation and the pleasure that we get from social surroundings cannot be replaced by social media platforms which we tend to forget.


Well these are few of the reasons why we get depressed most of the time. There are few other reasons but according to few research the above mentioned things are proved to be the main reasons behind people suffering from it.

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