7 Subtle Body Language Signs That Make You Appear More Confident!

By- Shreya Sharma

Confidence is always sexy and never gets out of style. You may not be secure about who you are but you can imitate confidence. Your confidence can land you your dream job and even a yes from your crush. Confidence is the key to almost everything in life. It’s just like “Fake It, Till You Make It!” You can fake confidence by subtle gestures; it is just how you walk, how you talk and how you present yourself. Here are subtle body language signs that make you appear more confident.

  1. Smile

Smile has the capacity to make people feel comfortable. It is one friendly and confident approach. Smile can make a day for you. Smiling doesn’t take much of you and it hides if you have any nervousness regarding situation. Smile while passing a hello or during a deep conversation, it makes you happy. And it also makes other people happy.

  1. Do not cross your arm

Crossing your arm indicates that you are unapproachable. It makes you look defensive and sometimes people take it as your arrogance. It makes you feel defeated. This position increases your stress level.

  1. Keep your head high

Walking with your head held high, you give a perception to others that you are ready to engage and you do not shy about people looking at you. People will approach you and involve in the conversation if they find you approachable. This is great sign of confidence and also maximizes oxygen and keeps your muscles well assigned.

  1. Make eye contact

This makes a great social interaction. It shows that you are willing to engage and have a friendly persona. Those with low self-confidence hesitate to make eye contact as it makes them feel uncomfortable. So make eye contact to show your confidence.

  1. Do not talk in speed

Want you tell your stories with a speed and rush; it shows that you are nervous about the fact that people are looking at you. Sometimes people don’t understand what you’ve said in your rush. Talk at a pace demanded at situation. To show confidence, take a deep breath and practice telling your stories slowly.

  1. Put your phone away

When you are not confident enough, you fake conversation on cell phone so that you can avoid talking to people in real. Avoid your cellphone and be confident enough to interact with people. As people using phone seems less confident and unapproachable.

  1. Touch

It is probably not the best idea to grope people at parties for the sake of confidence but still touch is essential. Confident people aren’t afraid to reach out and offer someone a firm handshake, a relaxing squeeze of the shoulder, or even to pick the fluff out of someone’s hair.

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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