7 Different Type Of *Pants-Trend* Every Woman Must Know!

By- Sheena Bagga

Women bottom wear are full on in trend now-a-days. The different styles are coming out every year and flaunt the styles of the women with their new and sexy patterns. These bottom pants are super comfortable and cozy to wear it and you can wear it anywhere you want or can pair it with anything from your wardrobe and look super stylish. It is too versatile and also available in so many colors, fabrics and prints just made for women to flaunt their styles in a different and a classy way. In today’s fashion trend women wardrobe is totally incomplete without the bottom wears or pants.

Here are some different type of bottom wear every women must know:

  1. Wide-leg trousers

A pair of wide leg trousers you can wear it to the office which gives you a sexy and professional look.

  1. Cropped skinnies

You can wear it on a formal meeting and a lunch date too by pairing them with kurtis, tees, blazer and so on. It comes in different colours and prints too.

  1. Slim fit stripped trousers

This one is the classy choice to have it in your wardrobe, you can pair them with kurti, tees and tops too for a perfect look.

  1. High waist-ed tapered pants

It adds a different style to your perfect look. Pair them with wedges, flip flops and heels for a perfect chic look.

  1. Sheer palazzo pants

It is perfect attire for them who wants to show some skin, it gives you an elegant look or pair them with crop tees for a perfect stylish look.

  1. Printed pants

These pants are actually a fun to wear like polka dots, muted florals and so on and pair them with neutral top for a stunning and stylish look.

  1. Culottes pants

A you can say it also that this is mainly the shorter version of the palazzos as well which look so stylish, pair them with fitted crop top or with shirts, tunics and cardigans for a chic look.

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