19 Reasons Washroom Is The Best Place Of All!

By- Shreya Sharma

The washroom is aptly called restroom because the rest we get there is actually the best. Imagine the pressure you feel and then restroom is the only place that can rescue you. That sigh of relief you give when you are all done and plus no one to disturb you while doing the most comforting job. You can go there to freshen up, to answer nature’s call or even sometimes to hide the tears rolling down your face, we have somehow developed a special relationship with our washroom. Here are 19 reasons washroom is the best place of all.

  1. You can ponder about your problems

Whether you are doing your bowel act, brushing your teeth or showering, this is the best time to reflect upon your problems.


  1. Your ‘me time’

Because there is no one to disturb you, you are there on your own.

  1. You can leave your worries behind

Because we are always told that hot showers are great to de-stress.

  1. You are the queen over there

You can sing and dance and do weird acrobatic moves and no one will judge you.


  1. You can read about anything

You can read the naughtiest things over there without any fear of someone watching.

  1. You can hide there

You are feeling over flooded with emotions; you can rush to the washroom.

  1. You can be your childish self

You can play with bubbles, make white water with soaps, pee in the shower and no one will ever get to know.


  1. Your rehearsal stage

You can rehearse about how you will talk with your crush or plan about your excuse speech.

  1. You can play on your phone

Because no one will peep into your phone or ask you to do some other work. You can completely focus on your game.

  1. Talk to yourself

It is pretty common to stand in front of the mirror and talk with yourself about some damn serious issues.


  1. Your creative mind flows

And remember all the times; you strike up some brilliant surprise plan for your friend’s birthday.

  1. And you can do nothing

Just sitting idle and looking at the walls and roof and oh why this color of wall paint!

  1. You can work on Future plans

I know what I want and I will do this.


  1. You can check your social media

Oh, he is out on a trip! What?? Did she get engaged?

  1. You can do the things you cannot do outside

Cry? Yes. Smoke? Yes.

  1. An early morning small nap

You wake up, go to the loo, sit on the pot and sleep.


  1. You can masturbate


  1. You can plan for the day

Your phone can save your to-do checklist.

  1. You can have your private conversations

*I Love You honey* bahar mummy sath baithi thi.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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