20 Signs You Are Ready To Move On To Next Level Of Your Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

Casual dating is fun and flirt. You can bare your heart out and at times act like you do not care and you are not affected. But sometimes, this fun turns into something deeper and more meaningful. You eventually grow the feeling of love, care, and compassion. You might be confused if it is the time to take your relationship forward and go on next level or not. Well, here are 20 signs to help you to know that you are ready to move on to next level of your relationship.

  1. You do not feel that something can be better than this

If you do not feel like you are missing on something better, then your relationship has grown serious. You know the person you are with is the best one for you. Ask yourself if you want to be serious with your partner. Be honest with yourself and accept the answer.


  1. You do not think about your ex

If your exes do not matter to you anymore, then you are ready to take your relationship to next level. Instead of crying over your past, you are planning your future with your partner.

  1. You support each other

If you and your partner motivate each other in every sphere of your life, you can take your relationship to next level. When you are ready for commitment, you support them in everything they do.

  1. You are happy with routines

When you are in the serious relationship, you realize that it is not necessary for every day to be exciting. You will find comfort in those regular everyday activities. If you enjoy grocery shopping together, you are moving into a serious zone.


  1. You can be yourself with them

When you are growing serious in your relationship, you feel comfortable around them and you can be yourself. You do not have to hide your flaws or act in a certain manner around them. They love you for who you are.

  1. You are comfortable being naked around them

You are not self-conscious about your body and how your partner reacts. This is a sign that you are ready to take your relationship to next level. If you still cannot do the act when the lights are on, you are not ready.

  1. You are parents to a pet

If you and your partner have adopted a pet, this means you see at least a near future with them. Pet is no less than a child. It is like you are growing your family and you have to act like mature parents if you have a pet.


  1. You can compromise

If anyone of you is willing to give up on the thing you want in exchange for the thing your partner wants, then this shows you are becoming more responsible and committed in your relationship.

  1. You want similar things from life

If you want to have a future together, it is important that you both want similar things from life to stands the odds together. If you both want the same thing, you might be doing them with each other.

  1. You prefer to stay at home with them

When you are single, you would love to step out of your house and have parties. But when you care about someone and think about your future with them, you will prefer to stay at home with them, watching movie and cuddling.


  1. You want to know more about them

When you have a casual relationship, their favorite cartoon, their school stories do not matter much. But when you want to know more about your partner because you find them interesting, this is when your relationship is getting serious.

  1. Your family knows about them

Telling your friends about your partner is not that difficult as it is to tell your parents. If your parents know about your partner and they have met him, then you are ready to take your relationship to next level.

  1. You talk about your future together

When you and your partner talk about your future and make plans for it, it means you both want something long lasting from your relationship. If you think and plan about your future together, then you both are ready to go to the next level.


  1. Your friends know him

If you have introduced your partner to your friends, you are getting serious about things. People introduce their partner to their friends and family only when they feel that this is going to be something serious.

  1. You do not discuss your sex life with your friends

If you do not tell your friends about how amazing the sex is, then it could be because you want to treasure those special and intimate moments. It is a sign that you have become committed to your relationship.

  1. You call each other randomly

You call each other to talk with each other rather than planning for next hook up session and this shows that your relationship is growing serious. You enjoy talking with each other, so you just call them without any reason, just to hear their voice.


  1. Other couples make you think about your partner

When you see other couples, you automatically start thinking about your partner. You will even think about you and your partner when you are at some wedding.

  1. You have declined other offers

You know guys hit on you, but you always turn down their offer because you are with someone, this is a sign that you are ready to take your relationship to next level.

  1. You argue without calling things off

Fights are a part of any relationship. But if you get through them respectfully, by compromising or agreeing then you are on the right path.

  1. No more of games

When you want to settle down with someone, you do not want to play games with them. It is no more of letting them wait for your text or making them feel jealous intentionally.


Source –  Tumblr

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